We are the High Performance Metals Division

The High Performance Metals Division focuses on technologically advanced products in the area of stainless steel manufactured at eight production sites in Europe, North and South America. In addition, the Division has a global sales and service network at around 130 locations on all continents, which results in exceptional customer proximity.

Unlike many of our competitors, the Division offers production, sales and service from a single source. Customers around the world appreciate this comprehensive range of services.


HPM (High Performance Metals)-Production

Production includes:

  • tool steel
  • high-speed steel
  • valve steel
  • engineering steel
  • powder metallurgy-produced steels
  • special steels and nickel-based alloys

We also manufacture die-forged parts: titanium alloys, nickel-based alloys and high, medium and low alloy steels.

Our eight production facilities are located at seven sites:

  • Austria (Kapfenberg, Mürzzuschlag, Bruckbach)
  • Sweden (Hagfors)
  • Germany (Wetzlar)
  • USA (South Boston/Virginia)
  • Brazil (Sumaré)

Value Added Services (sales with special services)

Sales are carried out worldwide in our own sales companies, which also offer additional on-site services, such as heat treatment and surface treatment through etching techniques and mechanical processing.

Our sales and service network is available to customers worldwide at

  • around 130 locations
  • in around 40 countries on all continents.

The High Performance Metals Division also works with exclusive sales partners.


Dr. Reinhard Nöbauer

Chairman of the Board of voestalpine High Performance Metals GmbH
Member of the Board of voestalpine AG


  • Strategy and Company Development
  • Acquisitions and Divestitures
  • Investment Management
  • Strategic Staff Management
  • Legal and Compliance
  • Audits
  • Public Relations

Mag. Markus Potzinger

Member of the Board of voestalpine High Performance Metals GmbH


  • Finance and Controlling
  • Accounting and Taxes
  • Treasury
  • Insurance
  • Risk Management
  • IT Coordination

Mag. Martin Fuhrmann

Member of the Board of voestalpine High Performance Metals GmbH


  • Manager of the Value Added Services Division
  • Investments of the Value Added Services Division
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Sales Logistics

Dr. Gerhard Gerstmayr

Member of the Board of voestalpine High Performance Metals GmbH


  • Management of the Business Unit HPM (High Performance Metals) Production
  • HPM Aerospace Platform
  • Continuous Improvement Process & Lean Management
  • Platform Recycling / Raw Material Supply
  • Research and Development
  • Sustainability Strategy
  • Circular Economy



The Division has worldwide leading brands with a long-standing tradition in high-performance materials. Each of these brands represents an individual performance profile in the market, enjoys high brand loyalty among customers, and ensures clear differentiation from the competition.

All the brands represent the highest quality, innovative power and customer benefits. This applies to stainless steel products and their production processes, as well as to the provision of services and worldwide sales. The care and development of these brands is the highest priority in the value structure of the High Performance Metals Division.

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2017 Name change to High Performance Metals Division and Holding to voestalpine High Performance Metals GmbH
2016 Acquisition of ATT (Shanghai) and the Semetal Group (Spain/Portugal). Startup of the voestalpine Additive Manufacturing Center in Düsseldorf
2013 voestalpine Edelstahl GmbH acquires the Eifeler Gruppe and expands its Serviceportfolio for toolmaking involving Coating
2011 Name change of the Böhler-Uddeholm AG holding company to voestalpine Edelstahl GmbH
2008 Complete Integration into the Group as the Special Steel Division
2007 Austrian voestalpine AG takes overBöhler-Uddeholm
2005 Böhler-Uddeholm takes over Buderus Edelstahl in Germany
2004 Böhler-Uddeholm takes over Villares Metals in Brazil
2003 The State completely withdraws from Böhler-Uddeholm
1995 Partial privatization through listing on the Vienna Stock Exchange. Majority privatization in the following year
1991 Merger of the Austrian Böhler Gruppe with the Swedish Uddeholm Gruppe, both of which look back on a long tradition in the industry (Böhler since 1446, Uddeholm since 1668); foundation of Böhler-Uddeholm AG as the parent company; the company is 100% owned by ÖIAG (Republic of Austria)
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