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Welcome to voestalpine High Performance Metals DIGITAL SOLUTIONS GmbH

Let’s shape our digital journey – starting today! DIGITAL SOLUTIONS is a solution provider and development partner for companies within the voestalpine Group and the entire manufacturing industry. We offer customized solutions, consulting, and support in the following areas of expertise

  • Data Science & AI
  • Industrial Internet of Things
  • Automation
  • Sensors and Measurement
  • Digitalization Consulting and Training

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Consulting Products & Services

We offer proven consulting products that build on our many years of experience in the (heavy) manufacturing industry.

Digital Maturity Review – DMR

is a structured model that builds on our many years of experience in the (heavy) manufacturing industry and enables the assessment of a company’s current level of maturity with regards to digitalization aspects. From assessing technical aspects such as vertical integration or robotics to cultural aspects such as embedding the digitalization topic or communication within the company, DMR provides a comprehensive overview of the current state and helps to update planned initiatives and investment planning.

Robotics and Automation Potential Analysis – RAPA

on the other hand, is a structured model that specifically deals with the value-adding processes of manufacturing companies. As part of a multi-day RAPA, discussions and deep insights into the processes take place during intensive plant tours. Through RAPA, we identify the most promising processes and evaluate the suitability of various robotics technologies to provide our customers with a comprehensive final report and, if desired, a technical concept for implementation with a systems integrator.

Automated Logistics Potential Analysis – ALPA

links the requirements of process automation with the automation of intralogistics. ALPA evaluates the latest technologies based on the local conditions of our customers. For the evaluation, factors such as ground conditions, available IT infrastructure, storage space, and many more are taken into account. ALPA assists our customers in optimizing their processes and increasing their efficiency by improving the automation of their intralogistics.

Would you also like to benefit from our structured approaches and equip your company with the available resources as best as possible? Let’s shape our digital journey together with DMR, RAPA, and ALPA.

In addition to our proven consulting products, we offer a wide range of customized consulting services to ensure that you receive the greatest value for your resources in the shortest possible time. We support you in all steps that companies without their own resources in the competence areas often face major challenges, such as project control and management, communication with suppliers and system integrators, or setting up and testing requirement documents. Let’s shape our digital journey together, with the customized consulting and project solutions of DIGITAL SOLUTIONS.

Data Science & AI

  • Project support for data-driven topics.
  • Data Pipelines
  • Solutions for quality control
  • Energy optimization, etc.


  • Consulting and concept creation for automation and robotics projects.
  • Reviewing already obtained offers and support in defining the project precisely with the system integrator, such as creating requirement specifications and statements of work.
  • Support in commissioning phase, etc.

Sensors and Measurement

  • Consulting on the selection of suitable sensors for various measurement tasks, such as laser-based, LiDAR-based, etc.
  • Tracking of products
  • Marking of products using different methods, such as barcodes, data matrix codes, laser, etc.

Products, and Hardware & Software Development

Industrial Internet of Things

HPMconnect – “High Performance Machining Connect”

With HPMconnect, we offer a scalable and customizable solution for generating data from machines (e.g., saw is running, cutting, cutting air). We aggregate this operational data into a unified platform that not only provides transparency in operations but is also constantly expanding with new features. Our customers are part of a constantly growing community and constantly contribute new ideas for further productivity improvement.

HPMconnect works with modern machines as well as older models through an optional retrofit kit. The solution exclusively uses industrial components from reputable manufacturers and meets all voestalpine IT security standards.

Sensors & Measurement

m-Cut – “Measurement after Cutting”

m-Cut uses a laser triangulation method and determines the dimensions and weight of products placed on a conveyor belt in a stationary configuration. With a measurement tolerance of +/- 0.5mm, m-Cut is an accurate and reliable solution for small steel blocks with a maximum size of 45x25x100cm and a weight of up to 100kg. We also offer various configurations for larger dimensions that can be easily integrated into existing solutions such as Kardex Tower or robotic arms.

In addition to the products already available, we are working on a series of new products and advancements in the areas of Data Science & AI, Industrial Internet of Things, Sensors, and Measurement.

Data Science & AI

  • A user-friendly web application for production specialists to gain deep insights into their production processes through highly intuitive, fast data visualizations, explanations, and analyses.
  • Computer Vision applications e.g., quality control
  • Data-driven decision support systems, for example in the areas of energy management, quality control, and more

Sensors and Measurement

  • m-Shine provides highly accurate measurement of highly polished steel blocks with a precision of +/- 0.1mm.
  • m-App is a mobile measurement solution using tablet and LiDAR data. A demo is already available, please inquire now.

Training in the Digital Academy

Digital Ambassador Qualification Program – DAQP

The DAQP was designed to meet the needs of companies in the voestalpine High Performance Metals Division and has been very popular since 2018. We are pleased to offer the program to all interested companies now.

The DAQP offers a unique combination of soft and hard skills, including leadership changes in the digital age, hands-on training for handling data from milling machines, creating awareness for digital development in the workplace, and training in robotics and cybersecurity. In addition to the comprehensive compendium of essential topics, the 5-day in-person training provides a well-balanced mix of hands-on lectures in a lab setting and theoretical input. A very important part of our academy is the Digital Ambassador community. Participants have the opportunity to connect and consult with their peers from all over the world on their individual digital challenges, allowing them to leverage the combined knowledge of experts working together. This is our proven approach to leverage the combined knowledge of experts working together.

Our DAQP takes place in Kapfenberg, Austria, and is held in person. For our international participants, we conduct sessions in English. We also offer online training sessions upon request. Would you like to learn more? Please feel free to watch our video on YouTube Digital Ambassador Qualification Program

Registration for the DAQP is possible through the education program of voestalpine HR Services GmbH. You can find the latest version by following this link: voestalpine Bildungsprogramm 24/25

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Training – DSAI

Our DSAI provides knowledge and understanding of data science and artificial intelligence on two different levels.

Translators will attend a 3-day training which enables them to understand the entire AI approach in our division, the roles creating and working with the data and holding the necessary domain knowledge. Translators work with their own use cases and implement parts of them during the training.

Promoters will participate in a one-day training aimed at the management level. They may not necessarily work directly with data, but want to understand what possibilities exist and how they can be utilized. The promoter training provides the right tools for this and has already been completed by the High Performance Metals board, as well as by many managing directors of our locations.

The DSAI is usually held in our modern Digitalzation Competence Center in Kapfenberg. Upon request, we would be happy to provide you with an offer for a training at your location or an online training. Please feel free to contact us via LinkedIn or our contact form.

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