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The synthetic cable duct

Strong and lightweight cable duct made from recycled thermosetting plastic

voestalpine Track Solutions Netherlands B.V. new cable duct is made of recycled thermosetting plastic, which makes it lighter than the conventional concrete casings. Through the application of reused materials, we have been able to make a cable duct with a limited CO2-footprint that meets the standards of a ‘cradle to cradle’ product without any loss of quality.

Since its cover is very strong and unbreakable in normal use. In addition, the favourable characteristics of thermosetting plastic render the duct perfectly resilient against sun and weather influences, such as UV-radiation, extremely high and/or low temperatures, fire, and even most chemicals. Various tests have shown this robustness.

The largest advantage also lies in its weight; it is no less than 50% lighter than the concrete version. This makes the process of installing the cover, among other items, much easier and safer.

Technical specifications

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