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Going digital: our Asset Registration App is now live!

12 March 2020 | 

Slowly but surely, the use of paper is decreasing. This applies to the business sector as a whole as well as in our company. Not too long ago, we announced that all efforts were being mobilized for the completion of our Asset-Registration-App for our Insulated Rail Joints. Now the time has come! As of today, the app has gone live in the Netherlands.

Digital for all

This means that, administration-wise, some changes are introduced. First, when purchasing our newest generation Insulated Rail Joint, the order is directly entered into the app as soon as the product leaves our premises in Hilversum, the Netherlands. Second, during the assembly of the IRJ into the railway track, both the location and the date of its installation in the app can now be recorded. After the information is stored, the registration form can be printed and added to the delivery report.

The coming month, we will still also be working with the paper version of the system. Please take into account that as of April 1, no more paper versions will be provided. From that moment on, the complete registration of the product will be done solely via the app. For now, this only applies for the Netherlands. However, we are currently in the process of developing this app outside of the Netherlands, as well.   

Go with the digital flow

Apart from abolishing the need for paper, this app is also very user-friendly. At whatever moment that suits you, you can enter the installation information via your tablet or smartphone and retrieve and/or print out the form. Furthermore, the digital exchange of data will only increase the reliability and correctness of the information in the database. Research has shown that working digitally significantly reduces the number of ‘typos’. And an additional advantage is that frustration about losing forms and documents has become a thing of the past.

Extra information

If you wish to learn more about this app and how this could possibly benefit you, please get in touch with our international sales department. Let’s get On Track, digitally!