The objective of the safety training courses is to improve the perception and training of safety-related topics at the Linz location.

Essentially every supplier is obligated to complete a safety training course before he is allowed to enter the works premises. The SATRE training course is valid for two years and must be repeated after that.

All voestalpine personnel, personnel leased by voestalpine (with a personnel number and a unique ID) and freight forwarders are excepted from this SATRE safety training.

Office hours for the training and extension of visitor badges are at Building 62

Monday through Thursday:

6:15 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. (last training course begins at 11:15 a.m.)


6:15 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. (last training course begins at 09:30 a.m.)


Training variants:

We recommend that you complete the training on the Internet (see Online Training). This way you can complete the training whenever time- you want.

Online training access (option 1):Please use the PDF form provided in the download area to register for online safety training. 

Send the completed form to The registration link will be sent within one workday to the email address indicated in the form. (Please note the opening hours.) Your training status is automatically forwarded to Works Security. Following successful completion of the training modules, you will receive your visitor badge and a SATRE helmet sticker from Works Security at Works Entrance-A. Each time you register, you must present a valid passport or other official identification. Non-EU citizens (see exceptions on AMS home page) must also present a valid work permit at the time of registration.

Use a Google Chrome browser and deactivate any popup blockers to avoid IT problems such as videos not opening etc.

Online training access (option 2): Requests for training can be submitted using the portal for third-party companies and is only available to a defined list of partners.

On-site training: You can also complete the safety training at Building 62 (Gaisbergerstraße 65,4030 Linz). Allot enough time (roughly 30 minutes) for registration and completion of the training. More time may be required at the beginning of the week. Your visitor badge will be issued only on the day of your visit. 

Registration and works access are not possible without official picture identification. Non-EU must provide a work permit in addition to official picture identification.

Contacts (during office hours):

SATRE information/registration at Building 62,
Tel. +43 50304 154140.

Contact (outside office hours)

Works Security (Works Entrance-A)
Tel. +43/50304/15-4083