For the highest quality requirements

Once the electrical steel strip is produced, we perform measurements in our accredited testing lab as required by the applicable electrical steel standards, e.g. DIN EN 10106, DIN EN 10303 or DIN EN 10341. We can perform tests to customer specifications upon request. 

STEP 1: Automated sampling with initial testing in the integrated CATS measuring system

Our continuous annealing testing station (CATS) is used for the automatic testing of samples directly following production. The coating layer thickness and insulation resistance (Franklin Test ASTM 717) are both measured. Further evaluations of the coating include crosscut testing and coating hardening assessments. Residual curvature is also examined. With more than 100,000 samples tested annually, our CATS measuring system contributes considerably to a high level of product quality.

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STEP 2: Additional tests in the new testing center

The magnetic and mechanical properties of the electrical steel are subsequently determined in our new testing center. Preparation of the test specimens and the testing itself are fully automated for the most part. For example, magnetic property measurement is robot-controlled on two Epstein frames pursuant to DIN IEC 60404-2. Depending on the requirements, a frequency range between 0 and 2500 Hz is possible (depending on the steel grade). Mechanical properties are determined by means of a tensile test, and other important parameters such as the stacking factor, number of bends and hardness are assessed. Initial testing of the adhesive suitability of Backlack coatings is performed using a tensile lap-shear test (according to EN 1465, reinforced).

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