Electrical steel for regional railways: Steel made by voestalpine is found not only in the rails themselves, but also on railways throughout the world. Electrical steel made by voestalpine is used in the drive motors of subways, streetcars and electric buses.

Traktionssysteme Austria GmbH (TSA) is based in Wiener Neudorf (Lower Austria) and is a leading manufacturer of electromechanical drives for commercial vehicles on the rail and road. A contract was signed two years ago with TSA for the supply of various electrical steel grades under the isovac® brand. The steels are found in drive motors that power streetcars, subways and electric buses, for example in Vienna and Berlin. Electrical steel made by voestalpine can also be used in the future in airport vehicles and local buses in Linz.

Drive motors are particularly durable and remain in use for up to 30 years. It is not surprising that the technology leader in this sector relies on products made by voestalpine. In addition to demanding high standards of quality, the two companies are also united by their dedication to environmental protection. Steel is part of the solution for sustainable public transport and is an essential building block in a livable future for all of us. A decisive factor was also the geographical proximity between the two company locations. The transport route from Linz to Wiener Neudorf is short and decisively reduces the carbon footprint and delivery times.