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voestalpine Böhler Welding offers welding solutions for various applications in exploration and production equipment, covering both offshore and onshore oil and gas fields. The company is a leader in joining medium-alloyed steels designed to withstand to multiple post-weld heat treatments, as well as in surface protection using nickel-alloy cladding or hardfacing. Böhler Welding has become the main supplier of the major O&G equipment manufacturers. Thanks to our extensive sales network, we supply these welding solutions to manufacturing locations all over the world.

Welding Solutions

Drilling Equipment and Subsea Hardware

Fluid pressure control: blow out preventers, ram/annular and connectors, are also welded with our special welding consumables, designed for the typical three post-weld treatments required by the major fabricators. To prevent corrosion and oxidation, alloy 625 cladding is applied using the hot wire TIG process, the submerged arc process for groove cladding or even the electroslag strip cladding process for larger components.

Choke and kill lines: The choke and kill lines which are made of steel and connected to the riser tube are welded with similar consumables.

Other subsea components: Most of them are internally clad with nickel alloys and, as in the BOP, the hot wire TIG process is the main cladding process used. Request the assistance of our experts in selecting the right solid wire for this application. Our welding consumables are manufactured based on the specific requirements of each welding process .

Drilling strings: Tool joints and the assembly bottom holes are typically hardfaced with UTP flux cored wires or UTP spraying powders. Böhler Welding has long supplied consumables for riser welding, pipe-to-pipe welding and pipe-to-flange welding, both on the carbon steel parts as well as on duplex tubing used for communications systems.

Off-shore Platforms and Mobile Drilling Units

Off-shore platforms are very often welded in quite humid environments; seamless cored wires from Böhler Welding are the perfect solution for the assembly of these large carbon structures. Hulls, cantilever, legs, spud cans, etc., can be welded with seamless cored wires covering ABS steels from EQ43 to EQ70.

Most traditional welding processes such as SMAW, Submerged Arc Welding, or self-shielded cored wires can of course also be found in our product range.

Mobile drilling units such as jack-up rigs are similar to offshore platforms except for the legs systems that allow the unit to move up and down while drilling. The chord on the rack of these legs can be welded with our highly productive submerged arc solution by using a seamless cored wire instead of a solid one.

Production and Top Side Processing

Various equipment can be found in production and top side processing. Valves, separators, process piping, FPSO swivel stacks and towers, pumps and compressors, etc.

Cladding is one the main welding applications for these components. Depending on the size of the component, we can offer you several welding processes with different deposition rates, from TIG hot wire cladding to high productivity electroslag strip cladding.

Product Overview

Welding Consumables

Equipment Selection

Welding Equipment