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With our Application Services we offer:

  • Product and application consulting
  • Efficiency consulting and process optimisation
  • Training and seminars
  • Support in the qualification of welding procedures (e.g. EN ISO 156xx)
  • Prototype production (process development)

1. Product & Application Consulting - The optimal Solution for your Needs

Our experts advise you on the optimal welding filler metal for your base metal and the welding filler metals you need
to attain the technical values specified. We also advise on whether the base materials in the joint weld metal meet the
basic technical requirements.


  •  Converting the classification standards into a Böhler Welding product
  • Support in verifying technical feasibility and economic efficiency
  • Specification review (operating standards, industry-specific working methods, etc.)
  • Recommendations on welding filler metals for the respective requirements
  • Developing Full Welding Solutions in collaboration with internal and external partners

2. Efficiency Consulting & Process Optimisation


Welding solutions are often subject to cost pressure.

Our experts, who have extensive application and production know-how, offer our customers comprehensive support in process optimisation. This means that in addition to analysing the welding process itself, we also critically review upstream and downstream process steps. The focus is on goals like cost savings and quality assurance.

Three steps to greater efficiency:

  • Conspicuous error categories and the frequency of certain errors are identified. The WPS is checked from the seam preparation to the welding parameters. Once the basic requirements have been fulfilled, the further optimisation of all upstream and downstream welding process steps is identified with the goal of increasing efficiency.

    • Development of tailor-made solutions to improve economic efficiency
    • Parameter-finding
    • Recommendation for weld preparation
    • Possible switch to a different welding process
    • Recommendation for the post-treatment of welded joints (possibly heat treatments and/or pickling)
    • Increasing the degree of mechanisation
    • Analysis of all welding input parameters
  • On-site support of the measures jointly defined by our welding engineers and welding specialists.

Process optimisation and engineering solutions:

Through the simulation of customer applications in our Application Technology Centres worldwide, new cost-efficient
solutions in joining technology are developed together with our customers and partners.

  • Generation of weld metal samples and welded joints to investigate different material combinations
  • Integration of internal and external testing laboratories to determine mechanical and technological properties, chemical compositions, corrosion resistance, metallographic investigations (light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy), etc.
  • Support in the preparation of welding instructions through to the qualification of welding solutions in accordance with EN ISO 156xx and other standards
  • Organisation and implementation of events in our own seminar area

3. Training & Camp; Education - Transfer of Know-How for a Sustainable Advantage

Every weld seam is only as good as the person who made it. At our Welding Academy, we impart the know-how that benefits our customers' specialist staff and their companies in the long term. Individual courses and seminars can also be held at our customers' premises. This way, the best results can be achieved with the equipment they have.


  • Individual product and welding training in our worldwide Application Technology Centres (ATC ) as well as at customers' companies on-site
  • Product-specific and application-specific seminars to improve specialist knowledge in the field of conventional fusion welding processes for welders and welding technologists.
    • Increased efficiency for non-alloyed to medium-alloyed structural steels
    • Processing of materials that are more demanding in terms of welding metallurgy, such as high-temperature and heat-resistant steel grades, high-alloy corrosion-resistant stainless steels and nickel alloys
    • Welding processing of high-strength and ultra-high-strength fine-grained structural steels
    • Tailor-made product and handling training in accordance with customer requirements
    • Training of welding technologists and welding engineers on specific welding problems

4. Support in the Qualification of Welding Procedures (EN ISO 15614-1)

Depending on the manufacturing standard, certification of a qualification of welding procedures and processes must be provided by the manufacturer of a welded structure. Our experts are available to assist you with the preparatory activities, carrying out the welds, downstream activities such as preparation, testing and examination of the samples and compilation of all documents, as along with the final drafting of the welding process qualification record (WPQR).


  • Individual tasks agreed on with the customer for the creation of a WPQR

5. Prototype Production (Process Development)

We offer our customers a technical partnership for innovative, forward-looking project developments. Our customers' competitiveness is boosted by our support in a joint project strategy.


  • Developing approaches for new welding solutions
  • Carrying out test welds (creation of the DOE matrix - design of experiment)
  • Analysing the results and making recommendations for efficient, production-technical solutions that meet the requirements