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    Our equipment for MIG/MAG welding processes offers the performance needed to satisfy all industrial welding needs.

Next Evolution of MIG/MAG Welding Equipment

Böhler Welding equipment performs particularly efficient in MIG/MAG welding processes with extremely precise welds. Thanks to a very stable and perfectly controllable electric arc, the result is a weld bead with very homogeneous and clean metallurgical properties. The MIG/MAG portfolio includes special welding processes, dedicated software and other key components as torches and wire feeders.

We provide a complete MIG/MAG solution for your welding needs.

  • URANOS inverter line for MIG/MAG is equipped with technology and devices at the highest levels. It represent the solution for all situations with demanding specifications in terms of productivity and process control.

    • greenWave® patented technology for extremely high efficiency and energy cost saving
    • Graphic color user 3,5” panel, an easy and intuitive user interface
    • URANOS NX could be connected to the exclusive Böhler Welding Weld@Net® Production Control Monitor software to monitor and control your welding
    • URANOS NX can be used in automatic and/or robotised welding systems by activating the dedicating operating software
  • Compact and robust design of the TERRA inverter allows them to be used in a wide variety of working environments, even in confined spaces. TERRA NX thrive under heavy use and guarantee durable connections.

    • Multiline ThreeLevel® Inverter technology offers unbeatable long run performance and reliability
    • All the essential functions for efficient and continuous operation
    • Low weight and easy handling for the welder
    • TERRA NX could be connected to the exclusive Böhler Welding Weld@Net® Production Control Monitor software to monitor and control your welding

Welding Processes

Short and spray-arc MIG/MAG are two of the most common welding processes thanks to the excellent productivity permitted by a high deposition rate and great reliability. In the MIG/MAG areas, Böhler Welding has developed ArcDrive and RapiDeep, offering a large number of advantages, in terms of simplicity of use, excellent finish and optimized metallurgical properties of the weld bead.

  • New wave form developed entirely by Böhler Welding
  • ArcDrive satisfies all MIG/MAG needs
  • Ideal for carbon steel
  • A stable and highly reactive arc for easier welding, even in difficult welding positions
  • Less spatter, meaning less reworking
  • Designed and developed by to maximize productivity and speed
  • Easy to start and to use
  • An accurate, focused weld bead, thanks to excellent welding control
  • Improved penetration with optimised fusion of edges and roots
  • Thanks to perfect arc control, welding speed can be up to 50% faster than in a standard MIG/MAG process

Master Software

TERRA NX SMC and TERRA NX MSE (STEELDRIVE configuration) must be activated with a Master Software, the operating software for the welding functionality. The Master Software for TERRA NX SMC and TERRA NX MSE (STEELDRIVE configuration) it is unique and factory set.

Master Software TERRA NX SMC/MSE

Unalloyes & Highalloyed Steel Aluminium Alloy

  • MIG/MAG welding
  • Böhler Arc & Universal Arc Welding programs
  • For carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium welding
  • Factory set
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Welding Program Packages

Böhler Welding offers a wide variety of MIG/MAG welding program packages for many materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and many other. By using our welding programs settings are recall automatically based on welding conditions (material, thickness, gas, wire, speed) and are dynamically controlled and balanced by a microprocessor control system throughout the welding process. This solution delivers excellent results in terms of productivity, quality and finish in all conditions and all applications. We provides a range of synergic programs and we continuously develop new programs to meet specific user requests. We offer to our customers the Böhler Arc Library with Solid Wire, Metal Cored, Flux cored and many others Böhler Welding consumables or the Universal Arc welding programs with standard consumables.

For more info about the available MIG/MAG welding program package, contact the nearest Böhler Welding Partner:

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Böhler Welding 5 Years Warranty Program

Böhler Welding machines are covered by a five-year warranty (requires registration), giving customers the peace of mind of knowing that they have purchased a high-quality power source.

Robust, reliable design and regular maintenance - guarantees a long product life cycle.

You need a five-year warranty for your machine? No problem. Simply fill out the warranty form and we will send you a warranty confirmation.


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