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    JOIN! The Full Welding Solution for efficient and high quality MIG/MAG cladding for the O&G industry.

Efficient and High-quality Single Layer MIG Weld-Overlay

This solution enables the cladding of corrosion resistant and hard surfacing alloys by an innovative low dilution process in combination with high quality welding consumables. The customer benefits from significant savings in production time and material consumption. How does this become possible? By achieving mechanical properties and corrosion resistance with a single layer as opposed to the two layers required by conventional processes. Cladding of alloy 625 with Fe<5% in one single layer is now possible using UTP A 6222Mo wire and our CladPulse process.




Further convince yourself of

  • one single layer alloy 625
  • in depth, undiluted chemical analysis achieved
  • the perfect surface
  • post-machining possibilities

Improved Corrosion Resistance on Surfaces Exposed to Hydrocarbon, Hydrogen Sulfide and other Demanding Corrosive Media

This Full Welding Solution achieves, among other things, the cladding of alloy 625 in one single layer with deposition rates up to 4 kg/h. The thickness of the clad deposit is about 5.5 mm and the chemical analysis also corresponds in depth to alloy 625 with an Fe content well below 5%, as required by the most stringent specifications. Such a deposit configuration is ideal for cladding whether machining is necessary or not. Some typical applications are the internal cladding of pressure vessels, tubes and pipes, flanges, valve bodies and internal parts, cross-over to improve corrosion resistance to surfaces exposed to hydrocarbon and hydrogen sulfide.

Convincing Results - Chemical Analysis of Alloy 625 Achieved in Depth in One Single Layer

Cladding Data

  • Wire speed: 7 m/min
  • Travel speed: 15 cm/min
  • Weaving: 9 mm/1Hz
  • Shielding gas: 100% Ar
  • Base material: ASTM A516 gr. 70
  • Filler metal: UTP A 6222Mo

Outstanding Results

  • Single layer undiluted 625 analysis at 2.5 mm from the fusion line
  • Flat bead appearance without undercut and very limited spattering
  • Smooth transition between passes
  • Uniform deposit and penetration
  C Si Mn P S Cr Mo Ni Cu Ti Al Nb Fe Ta Co
Wire <0.01 0.06 0.02 0.003 0.001 22.1 8.8 64.5 0.02 0.19 0.18 3.52 0.30 0.004 NA
FL + 2.5 mm 0.01 0.05 0.03 0.002 <0.002 21.8 8.5 63.8 0.02 0.21 0.15 3.52 1.87 0.012 0.004
FL + 3.5 mm 0.01 0.05 0.03 0.002 <0.002 22.2 8.7 63.3 0.02 0.21 0.16 3.65 1.68 0.014 0.006
MIG/MAG Cladding OG metal micro Alloy 625 structure

Clad metal deposit micro: Unaffected 625 structure

MIG/MAG Cladding OG Bend Test according to ASME IX

Bend test in accordance with ASME IX: No cracks and other indications detected, perfect bonding in spite of the low dilution.

Great Challenge – Alloy 625 cladded in one single thin layer (3 mm thickness)

Cladding Data

  • Wire speed: 4.2 m/min
  • Travel speed: 32 cm/min
  • Weaving: 8 mm/2.5Hz
  • Shielding gas: 100% Ar
  • Base Material: ASTM A516 gr. 70
  • Filler Metal: UTP A 6222Mo

Outstanding results

  • Clad thickness: 3.3 mm only
  • Homogenous deposit with Fe < 5% also in depth
  • Alloy 625 weld metal chemical analysis guaranteed
    • on the surface
    • at 2.5 mm from the fusion line
    • at 3.0 mm from the surface
  • Flat bead appearance without undercut and very limited spattering
  • Smooth transition between passes
  • Uniform deposit and penetration
  C Si Mn P S Cr Mo Ni Cu Ti Al Nb Fe Ta Co
Wire <0.01 0.06 0.02 0.003 0.001 22.8 8.81 64.52 0.02 0.19 0.18 3.52 0.30 0.004 NA
Surface - 3 mm 0.018 0.055 0.054 0.003. 0.001 21.20 8.16 63.70 0.01 0.22 0.07 3.43 2.98 0.017 0.030
FL + 2.5 mm 0.016 0.64 0.037 0.003 <0.001 21.9 8.52 63.9 0.01 0.20 0.18 3.5 1.58 0.015 0.008
Surface 0.016 0.07 0.043 0.003 <0.001 22.0 8.53 63.4 0.01 0.20 0.18 3.5 1.93 0.015 0.008
MIG/MAG Cladding OG Clad metal micro Alloy 625

Clad metal deposit micro: Unaffected 625 structure

Bend Test one single thin layer

Bent test in accordance with ASME IX: No defects, excellent bonding in spite of the very low dilution.

The results were achieved by integrating the following elements

URANOS CladPulse

CladPulse is a special process aimed to obtain low dilution with the base material as its primary objective.  In order to meet this target, a very soft arc has been designed, acting on more than 30 parameters, governing the wave form resulting in low pressure on the base material.

CladPulse can be installed in the premium welding machine URANOS models.

Welding Equipment

Böhler Arc

The perfect combination of process, filler metal and welding equipment is achieved thanks to Böhler Arc synergic lines, maximizing performances and arc stability coupled with an outstanding ease of use, resulting in great advantages for the welder and efficiency for the industrial process.

More information

Solid Wires

voestalpine Böhler Welding solid wires for cladding are specifically designed for such applications within restricted specifications, offering excellent feedability and producing weld deposits that are highly resistance to corrosive environments or with outstanding wear resistance, depending upon the alloys.

The perfect choice for the MIG cladding of alloy 625 is UTP A6222Mo, with its fine-tuned balance of residual elements, chemical analysis in restricted specification, excellent surface finishing, which makes the clad metal corrosion resistant and also improves the cladding behavior.

Clad metal corrosion resistance is proven in accordance with ASTM G48-C and ASTM G28-A testing methods. It is stress corrosion cracking resistant as well.

More information

Personal Protection & Accessories

One of the most important aspects in the welding process is the protection of the welder. Which is why voestalpine Böhler Welding created the new personal protection and accessories line.

The products reflect our high-quality demands and give welders the protection and the tools they need. Helmets such as theGuardian 62 Complete and Guardian 62F Air Complete, gloves, glasses and clothes are ideal for the pipeline jobsite. Additionally, we provide a full range of electrode holders and ground clamps.

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weldTECH Application Services

For voestalpine Böhler Welding, being a Full Welding Solutions provider means acting as a partner for pipeline contractors through the weldTECH Application Services, which include a team of welding engineers experienced in pipeline construction.

weldTECH Application Services