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Rolling Stock Manufacturing

A wide variety of parts that make up a locomotive, a passenger car or a railcar tanker require both manual and automated welding operations on a wide variety of materials and wall thicknesses. Each of these parts – from the underframe, the roof, sides and body shell to the bogie and railcar tankers – presents unique challenges in obtaining high-quality welds. We have the right consumables for the wide variety of base materials used in the industry: unalloyed, high-strength steel, stainless-steel and aluminum.

Welding Solutions for increased Track Performance

Railway tracks are inseparable from weld seams. The safety of rail traffic depends to a large extent on the quality of these welds. voestalpine Bohler Welding can offer the entire portfolio of welding products and solutions to ensure maximum service life of tracks and turnouts.

We have the necessary knowledge and experience to solve all welding-related problems inside and outside the tracks. Not only do we offer in-track welding solutions, such as deposition welding of grooved rails, but we also provide trainings in the field of rail and turnout welding.

Product Overview

Welding Consumables