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Next Evolution of Plasma Cutting Equipment

Plasma cutting is a very simple process where an electric arc is transferred onto the piece being worked upon by using compressed air. The high concentration of the arc ensures very precise and narrow cuts and the low thermal load allows the cutting of very thin sections without causing any deformation whatsoever. This process is therefore ideal for cutting stainless steel, copper and aluminum. The equipment is available in the SABER line, offering the characteristics and performance needed to satisfy all industrial cutting needs. The Saber portfolio includes dedicated accessories and other key components as torches and wear parts.

We provide you a complete plasma cutting solution for your welding needs.

  • Saber CHP is a plasma cutting inverter line designed and manufactured by Böhler Welding. Based on the latest inverter technology, they are compact and easy to use, able to perform precise cuts and of excellent quality. They are truly powerful, versatile and reliable cutting tools, ideal for all maintenance work, on-site and in the shop, and for all types of materials. SABER CHP are supplied in combination with a professional plasma torch and work cable.

    • Very compact and powerful inverter
    • Arc striking technology ensuring superb ignition
    • Equipped with modern safety systems and controls
    • Electric/air supply connections and operation switches are easily accessible and functional

Böhler Welding 5 Years Warranty Program

Böhler Welding machines are covered by a five-year warranty (requires registration), giving customers the peace of mind of knowing that they have purchased a high-quality power source.

Robust, reliable design and regular maintenance - guarantees a long product life cycle.

You need a five-year warranty for your machine? No problem. Simply fill out the warranty form and we will send you a warranty confirmation.


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