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High Productivity and Quality Welds for the Yellow & Green Goods Industry

Get your highest quality welds with increased productivity for perfect weld results with our Full Welding Solution ECOspark®. Our Uranos NX 5000 PME, including the greenWave® technology, in combination with our QuickPulse welding process and the ECOspark® solid wires provide you with the perfect results for robotic welding.

Further convince yourself of

  • ECOspark® solid wire, non-copper coated wire with improved surface condition no clogging of liners, less downtime, less finishing work
  • QuickPulse welding process for the highest productivity with our Böhler Arc dedicated synergic programs
  • greenWave® technology enabling an extremely energy efficient welding operation with optimized power consumption
  • our complete range of drum accessories including liners, trolley, straighteners
  • our high quality long lasting torch range

Yellow & Green Goods

Robotic welding with high deposition rates and low repair rates is a prerequisite for component manufacturers in the yellow and green goods industry. Large dimensional parts, long weld seems and wall thicknesses of up to 30 mm and more, with stringent quality requirements, demand perfect weld seems in order to reach the maximum production output.

Our Full Welding Solution ECOspark® is ideal for manufacturers who are looking for maximum productivity, minimum installation downtime, high quality welds, high process reliability and minimum post weld and interpass cleaning. 

This Full Welding Solution is also quite meaningful from the ecological perspective:

  • fumes emission copper-free
  • energy saving thanks to higher current capacity and welding speeds
  • further energy saving thanks to the greenWave® Technology

Convince yourself of our perfect results on high productivity fillet welds

ECOspark® solution - Improved productivity in combinations with low silicates and oxides and low spattering

ECOspark® solution - Flat bead/No undercut, very regular shape, excellent and wide penetration, low silica islands and oxides

Conventional spray arc mode solution in the same welding conditions: convex bead, no smooth transition, clear edges which could bring to undercut, spattering, silica islands and oxides

Welding Data

  • Process QuickPulse
  • Wire feed speed: 15.1 m/min (8.0 kg/h)
  • Amperage: 420 A
  • Voltage: 37 V
  • Welding speed: 40 cm/min
  • Oscillation width/freq. : 4 mm/1 Hz

Our Full Welding Solution ECOspark® with the Böhler Welding QuickPulse process is ideal for high productivity welds without undercuts, with a very regular bead shape, excellent and wide penetration; as an example Z= 10x10 mm a= 7 mm and a penetration depth of  s= 12 mm.

A productivity gain of 30 % (from 6 kg/h to 8 kg/h deposition rate) can be achieved in comparison to conventional processes in spray arc mode.

The results were achieved by integrating following welding components

Böhler Arc

The perfect combination of process, filler metal and welding equipment is achieved thanks to Böhler Arc welding programs, maximizing performances and arc stability coupled with an outstanding ease of use, resulting in great advantages for the welder and efficiency for the industrial process.

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The QuickPulse welding process offers the benefits of a concentrated arc with the greater stability provided by a pulsed arc for the best penetration at low heat input and a high welding speed. QuickPulse can be optionally installed in the Böhler Welding high technology equipment Uranos.


The greenWave® technology is Böhler Welding's response to the growing demand for energy efficiency and care of the environment. greenWave® is a patented technology complying with the more high-demanding standard and enabling extremely energy-efficient operation with optimized power consumption.

Main benefits:

  • Complete protection against unstable mains supplies
  • Self-adaptation to input voltage (auto link)
  • Reduction of the installed power requirement
  • Reduction of between 70% and 100% in reactive energy consumption
  • Over 50% reduction in joule effect losses
  • greenWave® helps reduce CO2 emissions.


URANOS NX 5000 PME can be used for multi processes GMAW pulsed, GMAW conventional, SMAW and GTAW welding.

Our URANOS equipment guarantees:

  • Excellent wire feeding properties due to innovative wire feed concept
  • Connection to automation systems and robot systems possible
  • Digital color display for easy process selection
  • Cutting edge digital inverter technology

Cost-saving energy efficiency with our greenWave® technology - even in demanding continuous operation.

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ECOspark® Solid Wires

voestalpine Böhler Welding Solid wires ECOspark® are specifically designed for high productivity applications. Our ECOspark® portfolio is the latest development of copper-free solid wires for joining non-alloyed and low-alloyed steels.

The perfect combination of the ECOspark® filler metal with the Böhler Welding URANOS welding equipment further enhances the excellent ECOspark® wire properties in terms of arc stability, perfect wire feedability, and a wide parameter window, resulting in:

  • the highest productivity (>10% higher welding current than conventional non copper coated wires),
  • low spattering,
  • clean weld surface, minimizing grinding and cleaning
Product Name EN Classification 14341-A Packaging
ECOspark® 420 G 42 5 M21 3Si1 / G 42 4 C1 3Si1 BS300 spools / Base drum (250 kg) / ECOdrum (250-400 kg)
ECOspark® 460 G 46 5 M21 4Si1 / G 46 4 C1 4Si1 BS300 spools / Base drum (250 kg) / ECOdrum (250-400 kg)

Wire Feeding Accessories

Benefit from our full range of wire feeding accessories consisting of liners, drum hoods, straighteners, and different types of liner and connecting sets, also including the smart booster LD feed with its highly professional liner LD Glide. Our experts can support you with the right selection and installation, depending on the lay-out and the distance between the drum installation and the robotic operation.

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MIG/MAG torches by Böhler Welding are durable products for premium performance and high-quality welds. With their light weight and excellent balance, our air and liquid cooled torches are premium products for achieving excellent welding results. We have air or liquid cooled torches in our range.

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Personal Protection

One of the most important aspects in the welding process is the protection of the welder. Which is why voestalpine Böhler Welding created the new personal protection and accessories line.

The products reflect our high-quality demands and give welders the protection and the tools they need. Helmets such as Guardian 62 Complete and the Guardian 62F Air Complete, gloves, glasses and clothes are ideal for the pipeline jobsite. Additionally, we provide a full range of electrode holders and ground clamps.

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weldTECH Application Services

For voestalpine Böhler Welding, being a Full Welding Solutions provider means acting as a partner for pipeline contractors through the weldTECH Application Services, which include a team of welding engineers experienced in pipeline construction.

weldTECH Application Services