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  • Full Welding Solutions
    We offer competent and professional know-how and the best customized solutions. JOIN now!

JOIN! The Full Welding Solutions

Base materials, welding machine, consumables and more – many components contribute to perfect welding results. However, a Full Welding Solution by Böhler Welding is much more than the sum of its parts. We are recognized as the leading authority in weld metallurgy and this is the solid trusted base on which our solutions are built. Our competent and committed specialists accompany the entire process and remain at the customer’s side until the work is done. JOIN! Your Full Welding Solution.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Improved competitiveness due to higher productivity
  • Industry-proven turnkey systems with perfectly coordinated components
  • Guaranteed premium welding results
  • Comprehensive support from concept to installation, from one source
  • Complete cost transparency for easier planning of your application challenges
  • Peace of mind when working with the most trusted name in weld metallurgy

Solutions for Demanding Industries

Explore the Perfect Integration of Welding Components

Our welding consumables are all tested and fine-tuned with the TERRA and URANOS welding machines and the other pillars of each Full Welding Solution. Böhler Arc ensures the perfect synergy between welding consumables and power sources.

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Böhler Welding TERRA and URANOS high performance equipment features special processes and the innovative Böhler Arc. Böhler Arc gives a great contribution to our Full Welding Solution making a harmonized, perfectly coordinated interaction of material and power source.

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Our WeldTech experts, mastering process technology and welding parameters, contribute to the development of the Full Welding Solutions and their implementation at customers. They advise you on how to use them in the optimal way and on which technical requirement can be met for each specific application.

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Each Full Welding Solution can also include the personal protection product range related to the industrial applications to protect the welder.

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  • On-Site / Off-Site service

Böhler Welding provide such essential services in order to keep the Full Welding Solution reliable and to guarantee lasting connections.

  • Metallurgical Know-How

A significant part of the welding challenges for demanding industries is related to the high-level properties demanded from to a welded joint. These are a consequence of the weld metal and heat affected zone microstructure. Böhler Welding weldTECH service adds value to its Full Welding Solutions thanks to the perfect knowledge of materials behavior when welding. This is a key factor in fine-tuning filler metals with process and procedures.

Böhler Welding provides a range of accessories to further enhance the performances in terms of productivity, efficiency and quality for each Full Welding Solution.

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Whenever applicable Böhler Welding offers proven solutions for robotic or mechanized applications, fine-tuned with our welding machines, welding consumables and accessories.

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Böhler Welding provides systems for the control and management of industrial welding to further guarantee the achievable results during operations.

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