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Customized Solutions for Brazing in the Heating and Cooling Industry

As a manufacturer of soldering and brazing consumables, we offer proven solutions based on more than 60 years of industrial experience, tested processes and methods. This in-depth know-how makes us the internationally preferred partner for meeting your soldering and brazing challenges through innovative solutions. The result is what we promise: Innovation based on in-depth know-how.

China, the Americas, the Middle East and Europe are the main markets for HVAC&R brazing. As a competent partner for brazing applications, Fontargen Brazing experts support you in the selection of suitable products for your applications.

Brazing can be a challenge because there are flammable items nearby, difficult access, and challenging service conditions (pressure, vibrations, etc.). Brazing is used to connect refrigerant tubing to equipment when installing or repairing an HVAC system in building and in vehicles. It is one of the best joining methods for making leak-proof connections. Brazed joints are strong and can withstand high temperature and pressure conditions.

Proper brazing can be made by using an open flame, induction or a furnace as heat sources. We can help in adjusting and or optimizing your processes.

Brazing has four distinct main characteristics:

  • The joining of an assembly of two or more parts into one structure is achieved by heating the assembly or the region of the parts to be joined to a temperature of 450°C or above.
  • Assembled parts and filler metal are heated to a temperature high enough to melt the filler metal but not the parts.
  • The molten filler metal spreads into the joint and wets the base-metal surfaces.
  • The parts are cooled to freeze the filler metal, which is held in the joint by capillary attraction that anchors the part together

Main Brazing Applications in the HVAC&R Industry


  • Heaters, heat pumps
  • Household appliances, heating elements, thermocouple and sensor heat exchanger
  • Radiators, towel dryers


  • Multisplit air conditioning systems (ceilings, roof top, window and wall units)
  • VRF, package AC
  • Evaporators, condensers


  • Refrigerators, furniture, rooms, containers, server rooms
  • Chillers, cold chain, transport
  • Evaporators, condensers, heat exchangers


  • Sanitary facilities, fittings, water heaters, accessories, hand dryers
  • Copper and gas pipe installations, plumbing


  • Aluminum brazing
  • Evaporators, condensers, coolers, radiators
  • IWT, connections
  • Tubes (fluid technology)
Brazing Consumables