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Additive manufacturing is not simply a new way of producing. It’s a new way of thinking. There are no limits when a final product is designed and executed digitally – layer by layer. After digital design in a 3D CAD model, even the most complex structures can be “printed” layer by layer using metal powder.

We do not try to use AM for parts intended for other manufacturing technologies! AM is only economical if we add value to the part!



As a global technology leader and based on our many years of experience with materials and their processing, we offer a wide range of production technologies and services along the entire value chain that support innovations and drive developments forward. Angefangen bei der Entwicklung von Legierungen und der Herstellung von Metallpulvern über die Konstruktion, Simulation und Herstellung von Bauteilen bis hin zur Nachbearbeitung bieten wir ganzheitliche Lösungen. This serves to minimize risk in the supply chain with the goal of being the reliable business partner you can trust.


Powder Bed Fusion Material application with directed energy deposition – Direct Energy Deposition

Powder-based melting, also known as laser melting (SLM; PBF), uses thermal energy to selectively melt areas of a powder bed (according to ISO/ASTM DIS 52900:2018)

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Directional energy deposition, also known as laseer buildup welding, cladding, repair welding (LMD, DED, DMD), uses focused thermal energy (in this case, a laser) to fuse materials by melting during deposition (per ISO/ASTM DIS 52900:2018)

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Additive manufacturing centers use both laser melting and laser cladding. By working with both production technologies, voestalpine has the flexibility and expertise to select the additive manufacturing process best suited to your needs. Because tool steel is in our DNA.


With the new design freedoms, the assembly of multiple parts can be eliminated and combined into one complex component. Additive manufacturing enables optimal manufacturing that leads to customized results in terms of weight and stability.


Additive manufacturing offers a new way to produce complex shapes and structures, solving problems such as those encountered in injection molding processes. The tooling industry has great potential for additive manufacturing applications.


Additive manufacturing shows up as an efficiency factor when parts are manufactured close to final dimensions.


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3D Printing, Coating & Components
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