What explains the perfection in the surface of a tool? Few can answer this question better than the experts at voestalpine eifeler Coating. Since 1983, our partner company has not only been engaged in surface coating of surfaces, but also continuously sets new standards in research and development. So it is no wonder that eifeler technology is now synonymous with high-tech and premium products.
The entire value chain from polishing to PVD and CVD coating is covered.



PVD hard coating at eifeler is performed almost exclusively by arc evaporation at temperatures < of 450 degrees Celsius. Arc process technology is used to achieve excellent bond strength without loss of hardness, distortion or change in the microstructure of the base material.

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Chemical Vapor Deposition, is the deposition of hard coatings in a chemical vapor phase process. At temperatures of approx. 1000 °C, the gaseous coating components flow around the mold and react with elements from the mold surface to form a coating with very high adhesive strength! The layer systems ( TiC, TiN/TiC or TiC/TiN) grow with a layer thickness of 7 – 10 µm. Due to the very good adhesive strength combined with very high hardness, these coatings are also referred to as heavy-duty!

The chemical process also allows the coating of bores and undercuts in a reproducible way!

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Laser hardening

Hard where it needs to be hard! The power of the focused light beam allows us to apply laser hardening and laser cladding technologies to the surfaces of your tools. Innovative laser hardening has displaced induction hardening or flame hardening from many applications. The special technology of laser hardening offers extensive advantages in the application: In particular, those zones where there is a risk of rapid wear can be hardened precisely and with contour accuracy using innovative laser hardening. One important reason is the extremely high speed of heat input in laser hardening with almost simultaneous self-quenching. Further advantages of laser hardening: Overall, the heat load is low and therefore low to non-warping for the hardened parts.

Laser cladding

Using laser cladding, you can repair specific areas on your tool or create reinforcement to optimize wear.

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Surface polishing is layer-preparation work performed in our own polishing stores.

Innovative techniques and polishing processes are standard for us to achieve the highest quality results.

In principle, polished surfaces can be coated very well. Nevertheless, roughnesses of Rz <2 µm are recommended for forming tools.


Of course, if you wish, we can decoat your tools and then provide them with a new high-quality Eifeler coating.

Contact us if you have any special requirements. We also have the optimal decoating process for almost all coatings.

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Ms. Anna Mad
Business Development Manager
3D Printing, Coating & Components
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