CVD Coating Systems

CVD = Chemical Vapour Deposition, is the deposition of hard coatings in a chemical vapor phase process.
At temperatures of approx. 1000 °C, the gaseous coating components flow around the mold and react with elements from the mold surface to form a coating with very high adhesive strength!

The layer systems ( TiC, TiN/TiC or TiC/TiN) grow with a layer thickness of 7 – 10 µm. Due to the very good adhesive strength combined with very high hardness, these coatings are also referred to as heavy-duty!
The chemical process also allows the coating of bores and undercuts in a reproducible way!

This technology still has its place in industrial applications, just as it does in the product range of voestalpine High Performance Metals International GmbH.
High-alloy tool steels, HSS and PM materials and also carbides are coated. Steel tools must be subjected to postheat treatment after coating. This must take place in a vacuum, so hardenability in a vacuum is a mandatory requirement for the tool steels to be used.

Particularly because of the required post-heat treatment, the material selection and the processing steps to be matched to the CVD coating are an important issue. With more than 30 years of know-how, we are happy to advise you!

Areas of application for CVD coatings:

Sheet metal forming technology, deep drawing, cold forming, stamping and bending technology and in certain areas of machining technology!

Our Coatings

CVD Coating Hardness (HV) max. Insert-
temperature (°C)
Coefficient of friction
against steel
Layer thickness (µm) Color Application areas More
CVD TiC 3.700 ± 500 300 0,2 to 9 metallic gray
  • Punching/forming
  • Separation technology
Product information
CVD TiC/TiN 2.700 ± 300 500 0,6 6 – 10 gold
  • Machining
  • Punching/forming
  • Separation technology
Product information
CVD TiN/TiC 3.000 ± 300 450 0,2 to 10 metallic gray
  • Punching/forming
  • Separation technology
Product information

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