ToughMet® 3


    ToughMet® 3 copper nickel tin alloys (UNS C72900) provide high performance property combinations beyond those found in other alloys. They resist most sour environments and retain their strength at elevated and sub-zero temperatures. ToughMet alloys are available in different tempers that meet specific application requirements.

    • ToughMet® 3 AT110: This is a hot worked and spinodally hardened alloy available in many product forms and sizes. It has good ductility, resilence and low friction. Typical applications include oil and gas hardware including rotary steearable housings, kelly valve seats, bushings, bearings, threaded components and metal seals.
    • ToughMet® TS: This is a cold worked, spinodally hardened alloy designed to provide additional property attributes for the most demanding applications. ToughMet TS95 and TS120U tempers combine high levels of fracture toughness with strength to resist impact loading. ToughMet TS95 temper also provides the highest mechanical wear resistance of the ToughMet alloys. ToughMet TS130, TS150 and TS160U tempers offer the highest strength for the most demanding static structural loads and pressures.


    ToughMet® 3 Specification/Condition

    • ASTM B505, UNS C72900


    • M/LWD directional drilling tools
    • Wellhead control and manifold systems
    • Drillstring valves
    • ESP pumps and motors
    • Fracturing and stimulation tools

    Technical data

    Temper Yield Strength  (KSI) Tensile Strength (KSI) Elongation (EL) Hardness
    ToughMet 3 AT 110 110 125 6 30 HRC
    ToughMet 3 TS 95 95 106 18 97 HRB
    ToughMet 3 TS 120U 110 120 15 24 HRC
    ToughMet 3 TS 130 130 140 10 24 HRC
    ToughMet 3 TS 150 150 158 5 36 HRC
    ToughMet 3 TS 160U 150 160 6 36 HRC
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