718 API 6A CRA – A product you can trust


Of all the precipitation hardened nickel base superalloys, the L718 is the best known. And rightly so – the high-strength BÖHLER L718 API has excellent corrosion resistance in CO2-H2S and Cl-containing atmospheres, coupled with high-temperature resistance combined with very good cold toughness values. This combination makes the BÖHLER L718 API the preferred material for oil & gas applications, such as gate blanks, deep hole drilling tools and wellbore components of all types.


718 API 6A CRA Is the PERFECT material to use in the manufacture of gates for gate valves.  Proven reductions in manufacturing times giving increase capacity and reduced lead times.

Why mill to size when you can skim to size with the single sourced flat bar? 



Check out our stock and size capabilities



98mm x 49.75mm
113mm x 62mm
128mm x 64mm
141mm x 63mm
150mm x 76mm
159mm x 58mm
159mm x 81mm
182mm x 83mm
188mm x 100mm
200mm x 100mm
205mm x 107mm
221mm x 115mm
275mm x 123mm
279mm x 129mm




2″ 83.6mm x 44.4mm
2″ 98 mm x  46 mm
2″ 72.6 mm x 44.2 mm
2″ 80.8 mm x 47.4 mm
2″ 78.8 mm x 43.4 mm
3″ 52 mm x 110 mm
3″ 64 mm x 124 mm
3″ 62 mm x 113 mm
4″ 137 mm x  59 mm
4″ 179 mm x 63 mm
4″ 142 mm x 64 mm
4″ 158 mm x 57 mm
4″ 143 mm x 73 mm
4″ 155 mm x 81 mm
4″ 141 mm x 63 mm
4″ 155 mm x 75 mm
5″ 165 mm x 81 mm
5″ 182mm x 83mm
6″ 206 mm x 100 mm
6″ 205 mm x 100 mm
7″ 229 mm x 123 mm
7″ 311 mm x 144 mm


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