Exciting Times Ahead: voestalpine Specialty Metals UK

    The new entity, voestalpine Specialty Metals UK, is poised to offer the market a unique proposition that has not been seen before. It is an amalgamation of three distinct but complementary units: voestalpine Aerospace Services UK, voestalpine Specialty Metals O&G North Sea Region, and Tube & Pipe UK, all of which have track records of serving critical industries.

    The Path Ahead: The Formation of voestalpine Specialty Metals UK

    The divisions previously part of voestalpine High Performance UK, a company offering high-performance steels to industries such as medical, food, and automotive, to name a few, as well as critical industries like aerospace and oil & gas, were originally led by Tom Gowans and now for the past 3 years under Mark Williams. These figures have been instrumental in driving the growth and success of voestalpine Aerospace Services UK (previously known as Bohler Aerospace UK), voestalpine Specialty Metals O&G North Sea Region, and Tube & Pipe UK, as well as its tooling divisions.

    Recognising the growing opportunities critical industries like aerospace and the oil and gas industry have ahead, the decision was made to provide a more targeted focus. This led to the formation of a new entity: voestalpine Specialty Metals UK Ltd. This new organisation is not just a simple consolidation but a strategic alignment of three powerful divisions, each with its own area of expertise. These divisions include voestalpine Specialty Metals O&G North Sea Region, a powerhouse in the oil and gas market; voestalpine Aerospace Services UK, a key player in the aerospace services sector; and Tube & Pipe UK, a renowned provider in the tube and pipe industry renowned for its project work. This strengthened alignment under the umbrella of voestalpine Specialty Metals UK is set to create an enriched value proposition for the critical industries, paving the way for advanced solutions and heightened customer satisfaction.

    The transition into voestalpine Specialty Metals UK has been seamless, thanks largely to the robust support from our diverse departments, including Operations, Quality, and particularly IT. Jane Perks, the head of the IT department, has played an instrumental role in ensuring a smooth transition, leveraging her technical expertise to transition IT infrastructures that are both efficient and reliable.

    The Pillars of Leadership: An Introduction to Our New Management Team

    Leading voestalpine Specialty Metals UK Ltd. is our Managing Director and UK Board Member, Paul Chruscinski. With extensive experience and exceptional leadership acumen, Paul plays a pivotal role in shaping our organisation’s path forward. Assisting him is Simon Riley, who serves as Divisional Manager for voestalpine Aerospace Services UK. Simon’s profound industry knowledge propels us to new heights.

    Neil Pentland, an industry veteran, holds the esteemed position of Divisional Director for our Tube & Piping UK division. Neil’s wise guidance steers us towards continuous growth and prosperity.  Elizabeth Turner, who rejoins the voestalpine Specialty Metals North Sea Region team as Divisional Director, Liz’s return enriches our leadership ensemble with invaluable perspective.

    Together, this formidable leadership team brings a wealth of expertise and diverse viewpoints. They drive innovation, strengthen customer relationships, and firmly establish voestalpine Specialty Metals UK as a front-runner in the specialty metals market.

    So what is next for voestalpine Specialty Metals UK? We will continue to build on our strong foundations, leveraging our expertise and experience to create advanced solutions for critical industries. Our focus remains on delivering unparalleled value to our customers, while driving growth and success for our organisation. With a strong team and a clear vision in place, we are confident in our ability to achieve great heights and make a significant impact in the specialty metals market. Keep an eye out for more exciting developments from voestalpine Specialty Metals UK in the near future! We are constantly evolving and innovating to better serve our customers and lead the way in critical industries. Stay tuned for what’s next!


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