An entire division powered by Green Energy

Not only the used manufacturing technologies but also the division's approach to energy resources are forward-looking, as its production will be climate-neutral by 2035. Green electricity and its reliable supply are essential for achieving this goal.

Three times green

When sourcing green power, the Metal Forming Division mixes three options:

  • In-house electricity generation through solar power from the hall roofs as well as supply via the company's own hydroelectric power plants,
  • long-term supply contracts with producers of renewable energies, and
  • the purchase of green energy and the corresponding renewable energy certificates on the market.
This mix ensures the long-term supply of electricity; not just any electricity, but electricity from renewable energy sources.
grüner Energie

Solar and hydro power from own production

Apart from the fact that the Metal Forming Division itself produces smart substructures for photovoltaic modules (e.g. iFIX, Flexroof, Flexpark...), solar power is not new territory for the division. After all, the roof areas of Metal Forming's sites offer ample space for photovoltaic systems. Many of them are already in operation, e.g. at Automotive Components in Linz (AT), at Automotive Components in Bunschoten (NL) or at voestalpine Metsec (UK), and others are being implemented (e.g. Precision Strip and Rotec in Austria). In total, including the potential plant locations already identified, they will be able to generate around 64 GWh of electricity per year in their own production. This corresponds to around 20% of the annual electricity consumption of the entire division and a CO2 saving of around 15,000 tons per year - solar power that pays off!The metal forming production facilities in Ybbstal (AT) are also powered by green electricity. With its flowing power, the Ybbs, with three hydropower plants, covers more than a third of the electricity requirements of the Böhlerwerk and Kematen sites.

Secure supply with wind power

Compared to about 1,000 hours of sunshine per year, wind power supplies more constant electricity to the grid than the sun, especially in winter and at night. To exploit this potential, the division relies on long-term contracts with large wind farms - so-called Power Purchase Agreements (PPA). voestalpine has already secured the electricity, including renewable energy certificates (REC), for two Styrian wind farms in Krieglach. Among others, the sites voestalpine Rotec and voestalpine Precision Strip, which belong to the Metal Forming Division, also benefit from this, as part of the electricity they need can now be covered by the wind turbines on the neighboring mountain ridges of the Muerztal.

Smart power purchase

In addition to in-house production and long-term contracts, the green energy and the corresponding RECs are also purchased on the market. Also with this additional purchase, the Scope 2 emissions can be reduced, i.e. those resulting from the electricity purchase. This is essential to achieve the set targets because the main effect of CO2 reduction at almost all Metal Forming sites results from the purchase of green electricity.

The three pillars of electricity procurement from renewable sources form a stable foundation for the future supply of the Metal Forming Division and are a viable pillar for the CO2untdown to zero.