Quality forms leadership. With our cost-saving, long-life steel components and systems, we are among the leading providers of mounting frames for the promising photovoltaic market. In the field of renewable energies, our products are economically convincing as well.

Services form success. From consultation, co-design and prototyping to serial production and just-in-time site delivery, our companies supply a comprehensive spectrum of products and services:

  • Ready-to-install components for photovoltaic mounting frames on rooftops, in the open field and for trackers
  • Technical consultation for cross-section optimization in terms of co-design for optimized components
  • Inline processing (punching and notching) and setting of mounted parts possible
  • Strip coating or subsequent surface treatment
  • Longer achievable spans based on steel instead of aluminum
  • Savings in costs and time based on ready-to-install components from a single source
  • Efficient logistics systems and site delivery

Technology forms solutions: Weight-optimized and resistant steel tubes and sections ready and simple to install, including ready-made mounting frames for rooftop, carport or in-the-field photovoltaic modules and elements for solar power plants.

Our expertise and technologies:

Steel tubes and sections: intelligent and statically optimized mounting frames and substructure components (cross members), piling sections and posts for concrete foundations.

Pre-machined rectangles and square tubes: setting standards in support structures for solar power stations.

System solutions made by voestalpine Sadef (Flexroof, Flexpark and Flexfield) and voestalpine Automotive Components Bunschoten B.V. (iFIX; pre-mounted PV flat roof mounting system).

Companies in the Metal Forming Division with specialized services for the photovoltaic industry:

voestalpine Sadef, specialist in open and closed tailor-made steel sections with headquarters in Gits, Belgium.
voestalpine Krems, European market leader in the field of cold-rolled steel tubes and sections.
voestalpine Roll Forming Corporation, with locations in Kentucky, Indiana and Pennsylvania, the voestalpine tube and section manufacturer in the United States.
voestalpine Meincol, Brazil's leading manufacturer of special tubes and sections.
voestalpine Automotive Components Bunschoten B.V., specializing in flat-roof photovoltaic mounting frames.
voestalpine Profilform s.r.o., high-quality roll forming company with focus on the construction and the automotive industries in the heart of Europe in Vyškov (CZ).
voestalpine Profilform (China) Co., Ltd., the voestalpine roll forming for the East Asian market based in Suzhou, China.