voestalpine—extensive expertise in additive manufacturing with steel

Forming Future. Extending Possibilities.

Additive manufacturing expands the technology portfolio available to our customers. It offers greater freedom of design and enhanced component functionality, especially for those components used in lightweight construction, as well as increasing the speed and reducing the cost of their manufacture. By combining additive manufacturing with our other joining and production technologies, we can offer ready-to-install assemblies which are valued for their functionality and efficiency.

Add us - as your additive manufacturing partner  

  • Rapid prototyping – component design and optimization, and rapid prototype manufacture 
  • Rapid tooling – rapid manufacture of tools, accelerating the production process
  • Small batches – cost-efficient parts manufacturing without molds or tools
  • Hybrid components – cost-efficient, selectively-reinforced components
  • Hybrid assemblies – cost-efficient component combinations manufactured both by conventional and additive-manufacturing methods 

From idea to finished assembly

Extensive expertise and the entire process chain from a single source—we offer everything from material development and component design, through to choice of manufacturing method and final component assembly.

Engineering for Additive

We think about construction and beyond

We use our expertise and experience in engineering for additive manufacturing to support customers during the design and prototype phase, as well as process scale-up.

  • Design and redesign: optimizing a component’s geometry, weight, and functionality as demanded by its application, including tailormade materials
  • Technology choice: selecting the most suitable additive manufacturing process to ensure the component meets specified technological and economic properties
  • Manufacturing engineering: definition and design of the manufacturing method to optimize the subsequent processing and integration of the component into larger assemblies.

Additive Manufacturing

We understand what and how 

We have the expertise and specialist facilities for the most important additive manufacturing technologies, applying the relevant technology for the customer’s requirements and desired component properties. 

Direct Energy Deposition 

Constructing the component layer by layer, by fusing powder or wire. We offer:

voestalpine—specialist in additive manufacturing using the Direct Energy Deposition process

  Rapid production

Rapid production of different component sizes (from a few grams to several tons), at high build-up rates (a few grams to 7 kg/h), and in a wide range of materials

  Cost efficiency

The cost-efficient production of parts and components by

  • Optimizing parts and components for manufacture using the DED process
  • Producing hybrid components comprising both pressed parts and additively manufactured functional reinforcements and parts
  • Reducing weight and material consumption by printing reinforcing structures

  Manufacturing efficient tools

Manufacturing efficient tools for hot forming, cold stamping, and roll forming

  Material diversity

Production of parts in titanium, low to high-alloy steel, and aluminum

Laser Powder Bed Fusion

Laser fusing of powder materials, layer by layer, on a sinking bed. We offer:

voestalpine—specialist in additive manufacturing using the Laser Powder Bed Fusion process

  Component manufacture

The production of high-precision, small components

  Component optimization

The optimization of parts and components for manufacture using the LPBF process

  Material development

The development of materials for components used throughout the vehicle

  Manufacture of complex tools

The manufacture of complex tools for hot forming, cold stamping, and roll forming

  Increasing efficiency and optimizing costs

Increasing efficiency and optimizing costs of components through
  • LPBF-optimized geometries
  • Integrating functions and optimizing performance
  • Material savings

  Material diversity

Production of parts in titanium, low to high-alloy steel, and aluminum

Indirect Additive Manufacturing

Manufacturing of molds and parts for lost-form casting by fusing the powder material, layer by layer. We offer:

  Production of cast bodies

Production of large, extremely complex, near-net shape cast bodies with a high degree of geometric fidelity

  Collaboration with experts

Collaboration with the team of experts at voestalpine Giesserei Traisen.


Specialist in winning combinations

Additive manufacturing enables the manufacture of tailormade components and assemblies with integrated functions. Our innovative hybrid approach significantly enhances the range of available options. Joining techniques play a key role: our experts thoroughly evaluate all the materials and joining processes used in hybrid assemblies.

More options for combining enhanced functionality with reduced weight

Design study for an aerospace component—lightweight, tough, and functional: 
a conventional roll-formed U-section is reinforced with additively manufactured structures and equipped with functional groups. The flange can be subsequently used for other applications.

voestalpine—design study for a roll-formed U-section reinforced with additively-manufactured components
Roll-formed U-section reinforced with additively manufactured components

High-end materials for additive manufacturing

The pre-materials used for additive manufacturing at voestalpine have been developed and produced in-house. This guarantees that the high-quality wire and powder materials are suitable for each specific production process, and intensively characterized and tested before use.  

3DPrint Solid Wires

High-quality wires for Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing. More information about solid wires is available on the voestalpine Böhler Welding website.

voestalpine—3D Print Solid Wires for Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing Powders

Low to high-alloy steel powders designed for specific applications and production technologies. Contact the voestalpine Metal Forming Division if you have questions about low alloyed, printable steel grades. More information about tool steels is available on the voestalpine Böhler Edelstahl website.

voestalpine—low to high-alloy steel powders for additive manufacturing