Individuality forms stability. Our high-quality products are based on the comprehensive material and processing expertise that fully meet the special statics and stress requirements in the machine building and steel construction industry.

Services form success. Specialized in meeting the requirements in machine building, our companies offer

  • Solutions tailored to customer specifications
  • Holistic solutions with ready-to-install components
  • Application of high-strength steel grades
  • Narrowest tolerances in long sections

Technology forms solutions: Wherever high stress and high static loads are present, our strip steel, robust roll-formed components and overall solutions pass the test. Their applications are found in industrial and textile machinery as well as in various plant system components, e.g. as drive components or motors in industrial production machines and power stations.

Our expertise and technologies:

Special tubes and sections made of high-strength steel grades: ready-to-assembly components for highest stress in industrial and textile machinery.

Cold-rolled rectangle and square tubes: rapidly available, ready for storage and optimized according to customer specifications relating to dimensions, weights and special requirements.

Precision strip steel for components of all types and specially tailored to customer specifications with respect to technical, economical and logistics aspects far beyond the standards.

Companies in the Metal Forming Division with specialized services for the machine and steel construction industry:

voestalpine Roll Forming Corporation, with locations in Kentucky, Indiana and Pennsylvania, the voestalpine tube and section manufacturer in the United States.
voestalpine Meincol, Brazil's leading manufacturer of special tubes and sections.
voestalpine Profilform (China), the voestalpine roll former for markets in Eastern Asia, headquarters in Suzhou (CN).
voestalpine Krems, European market leader in the field of cold-rolled steel tubes and sections.
voestalpine Sadef, specialist in open and closed tailor-made steel sections with headquarters in Gits (BEL).
voestalpine Metsec, the largest specialty company for cold-rolled sections in the United Kingdom with headquarters in Oldbury.
voestalpine Precision Strip, world market leader in bi-metal strip, line cutters and punching blades, with headquarters in Böhlerwerk (AT).