The voestalpine Rotec Group is one of the most innovative producers of precision steel tubes and tube components. In an in-house tube drawing line, we produce high-quality precision steel tube products at seven different production sites for the automotive and machine industries.

Experts for experts: In close collaboration with our customers, our specialists develop precision solutions that are convincing from both technical and economical standpoints. Each of the products is manufactured at a site that is most economical for the respective customer. What we offer to our customers:

  • Short development times
  • Process, product and production line development from a single source
  • Cost-saving serial production

Welded and seamless cold-drawn precision steel tubes: Special technical characteristics determine the range of applications. Examples: Heat exchangers, stairlift tubes, gas cylinders, motorcycle frames, pump tubes, etc.

Specialist for the automotive industry: The voestalpine Rotec Group offers a wide range of products in the field of automotive tube components:

  • Airbag tube components
  • Tube components for seat belt and buckle tightening systems
  • Tube components for steering systems: Column jackets for steering columns, special section tubes, steering shafts and entire sub-assemblies
  • Tube components for air-suspension systems: Rotary pistons, external guides and pressure accumulators

Further expertise includes industrial precision tube components such as pressure accumulators made of steel, special steel and aluminum tubes, electric motor housings and rollers for high-speed copiers.

More information:
voestalpine Rotec Group, specialist in the field of precision tube components based on cold-drawn tubes with headquarters in Krieglac (AT).