Efficiency forms profitability. With our range of products and services, we meet the world's highest customer requirements. Our holistic storage systems cover the entire value-added chain and guarantee the highest quality standards.

Services form success. The companies in our group who focus on storage technologies stand for

  • Innovative and individual solutions
  • Decades of experience in every relevant industry
  • Economic assembly based on narrow tolerances
  • High-bay warehouse and system racking solutions, including the handling of stored goods
  • Customized development and implementation

Technology forms solutions: Our components and systems guarantee the utmost economy, efficiency and sustainability, no matter how different the products to be stored or the respective industries and uses are.

Our expertise and technologies:

Special tubes and sections for high-bay warehouses and system racks: Combination of high-frequency welded tubes and open sections in stable support structures for racking systems and silos of all types, from pallet supports to diagonals to vertical members. We optimize both material and cross sections for just the right statics and thus ensure a decisive competitive advantage.

High-bay racking systems: Customized roof-bearing and wall-supporting high-bay racking systems as complete solutions from a single source and optimized storage systems of all types, from manual and semi-automatic storage systems to integrated solutions for complex and automatic stores to highly weather-proof racking systems for outdoor applications.

Companies in the Metal Forming Division with specialized services for the construction industry:

Nedcon Group, the world's expert in storage systems with headquarters in Doetinchem (NL).
voestalpine Krems Finaltechnik, specialized in the manufacturing and sales of high-bay racking systems and standard racking systems.
voestalpine Krems, European market leader in the field of cold-rolled steel tubes and sections with headquarters in Krems (AT).
voestalpine Sadef, specialist in open and closed tailor-made steel sections with headquarters in Gits (BE).
voestalpine Roll Forming Corporation, with locations in Kentucky, Indiana and Pennsylvania, the voestalpine tube and section manufacturer in the United States.
voestalpine Meincol, Brazil's leading manufacturer of special tubes and sections.
voestalpine Profilafroid & voestalpine S.A.P., French company specializing in applications ranging from building construction to vineyards with two section plants.