The four members of the Management Board shape the leadership of the Metal Forming Division. Each of them has many years of experience in a variety of responsibilities within the voestalpine Group and profound knowledge of the markets and implemented technologies.

Chairman of the Management Board, Head of Metal Forming Division, Head of Precision Strip Business Unit

Peter Schwab


Born in 1964
Joined voestalpine in 1993

Assigned responsibilities:

  • Corporate development in the division and overall strategy
  • Communications
  • Human Resources
  • Auditing
  • Research and development
  • Health & Safety

Member of the Management Board, Head of Warehouse & Rack Solutions Business Unit

Jürgen Resch


Born in 1966
Joined voestalpine in 1989

Assigned responsibilities:

  • Finance and controlling
  • Accounting, balance sheets, taxes
  • Risk management
  • Procurement (except prematerial)
  • Insurance
  • Compliance
  • Continous Improvement

Member of the Management Board, Head of the Automotive Components Business Unit

Harald Traxler


Born in 1975
Joined voestalpine in 2003

Assigned responsibilities:

  • Legal Matters, Patents, Licenses


Member of the Management Board, Head of Tubes and Sections Business Unit

Günther Felderer


Born in 1965
Joined voestalpine in 1997

Assigned responsibilities:

  • Procurement (Prematerial)
  • Digitalization/Industry 4.0
  • IT Strategy
  • Data Protection