With our tested and CE labelled vehicle restraint systems, we ensure more passive safety on Europe's roads and we contribute to protecting peoples' lives. Game fences complement our offer. Our specialists provide extensive professional advice. Their country-specific professional knowledge allows for optimal solutions and ensures the smooth completion of your project. From Germany and Austria, to the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland to Romania, with our guard-rail system we are Europe's competent partner for road safety.

Guard rail systems for ramming subsurfaces and as a doweled system, including drops, system transitions and additional equipment such as railings.

Steel barriers as an easy-to-install and long-life alternative to granite curbstones.

Wildlife barrier fences next to roadways. Easy to mount without a negative visual impact on the landscape.

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voestalpine Krems Finaltechnik, expertise in street safety based on steel solutions, with headquarters in Krems (AT).