With technological expertise and industrial power, we set the standard for high-quality cold-rolled strip steel products. The product spectrum, developed and produced by voestalpine Precision Strip, guarantees solutions for every requirement. Our international presence, with locations in Europe, America and Asia, ensures that products can be supplied worldwide and that they focus on market needs.

Standard and special solutions: A finely tuned product portfolio consists of roughly 30 different steel grades in daily business to meet the high requirements and short-term delivery schedules (including small lots). New ideas for new requirements are developed in collaboration with our customers in project-specific alloy configurations and (if the case requires) entirely new steel grades.

World market leader in bi-metals: voestalpine Precision Strip is the world market leader in bi-metal strips for the sophisticated metal saw-blade industry. Manufactured using in-house-developed production lines, we provide solutions for band saws, jigsaws, saber saws, handsaws and sawing machines.

Precision strip steel: voestalpine Precision Strip specializes in high-performance band saws in every type and size. The spectrum ranges from steel for band saws used to cut frozen foods with blades of 2 cm in width and 0.5 mm in thickness to steel of 400 mm in width and 3.5 mm in thickness for 28-meter-long wood-cutting band saws.
Further areas of application include quality steel for punching blades, cutting and grooving lines and special steels with world-unique tolerances for the production of high-tech screens used for example in screen printing and dialysis machines.

Profiled strip steel: Band steel profiled in a variety of different ways in individual designs eliminates entire work steps for customers in the processing industry, especially manufacturers of cutting tools or construction components. Individual edge preparation and heat treatment processes achieve desired properties with the narrowest tolerances without the need for expensive grinding or milling operations.

Product and industry expertise:
Bi-metal strip for the metal saw industry
Saw steel for the wood-processing industry (band saws and circular saws)
Special strip steel for blades, springs, special saws, electronic components, razor blades, medical tools, garden tools, etc.
Punching lines for the packaging industry
Punching blade steel for the leather and textile industries
Stonecutting steel for gang saws in the marble-processing industry
Doctor blades for the paper industry
Valve steels for compressor production

More information:
voestalpine Precision Strip, world market leader in bi-metal strip, line cutters and punching blades, with headquarters in Böhlerwerk (AT).