Focus on precision

The Precision Strip Business Unit manufactures cold-rolled precision strip products for the most stringent customer requirements and is the world market leader in the production of bi-metal for the metal saw industry as well as in punching lines for the packaging industry. We are an innovative partner and product developer who combines successful technological expertise with a wide variety of different materials. We also provide consultation in the creation of product specifications that are tailored to individual customer requirements. Our cold-rolled precision strip products are produced in Austria and Sweden, and they are exported to more than 70 different countries worldwide. The Precision Strip Business Unit offers customized logistics solutions in collaboration with wholly owned subsidiary companies and service centers in the United States and China. With 1100 employees at three different production sites and additional sales offices in the United States, China, Spain and Mexico, the business unit generates roughly 250 million in sales.

Core expertise

Cold-rolled precision strip products with high dimensional accuracy, excellent surface quality and special edge geometries to meet the most stringent customer requirements.

  • Metal, stone and wood-saw industry
  • Printing, packaging and papermaking industries
  • Leather, shoe and textile industries
  • Special applications in the field of technical knives, scalpels, razor blades and flapper valves for air-conditioning systems, compressors and shock absorbers

The company

  • voestalpine Precision Strip Gruppe: Böhlerwerk + Kematen (A), Munkfors (SE), Brunswick, Ohio (USA), Elk Groove Village, Illinois (USA), Suzhou, Jiangsu (VRC), Guadalajara (Mexiko), Okondo und Montornés del Vallés (ES)