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With all of our expertise in the product and service sector, we have been a reliable partner in this industry for many years.

We are the global market leader and the leading supplier of tool steels, special materials, valve steels and powder metallurgy-produced high end steels. Through our globally unique sales network, we provide a complete product and service package for toolmakers as well as for OEMs and suppliers for the manufacture of parts using processes such as die casting, injection molding, extrusion, stamping, precision cutting, etc.

For example, we produce valves for internal combustion engines. Typical products of our die forges are parts for commercial vehicle suspension systems, such as safety components for heavy duty vehicles.
Our high-speed steel is also used in the manufacture of automotive components such as injector needles.


high pressure die casting

We provide the basis for automobile manufacturing. Original equipment manufacturers for automobile manufacturers around the world rely on our expertise. In addition to the basic materials for highly specialized products, we also supply the expertise and technologies that enable the production of the highly complex components required by the market.


high pressure die casting

We ensure the production of commercial vehicles. Original equipment manufacturers for commercial vehicles appreciate our products and services. Many of them rely on close coordination with us to turn their ideas into reality. We work together to provide improved safety and lighter components in all dimensions, from high quality tool steel to complex sections for vehicle and cabin production.


high pressure die casting

We ensure the highest quality. Our high standards and advanced production methods mean that we are a preferred partner for suppliers in the automotive industry around the world. We also work as a partner to developers and the high quality of our products increases quality management in all supply chains.

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