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The CO-BRO® GUARD is a revolutionary fully enclosed collaborative robotic cell. Flexibility, ease of use, accessibility, best welding performance and max Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) protection set CO-BRO® GUARD apart from anything else in the market.

CO-BRO® GUARD is a new high-end technology equipment for collaborative robotic MIG-MAG welding. This revolutionary system is based on a fully enclosed cell featuring a comprehensive and user-friendly software interface integrating the Böhler Welding URANOS NX equipment, the collaborative robotic arm and all the accessories. The collaborative robotic concept, full accessibility, easy handling, extremely easy programming, and advanced fume-extraction advanced solutions combine to make the real difference.

Experience following advantages:

  • Intuitive user interface for easy programming of the robotic arm  – covering the lack of skilled welders and high-level operators ensuring high quality and repeatability at the same time.
  • Delivering the perfect weld seam in combination with our welding processes and the Böhler arc concept
  • The design allows easy handling, full flexibility and perfect integration into the production workflow – and it's also movable with a manual fork-lift
  • Plug-and-play welding station thanks to a central power and utility supply
  • The exclusive GUARD enclosure completely separating the welding from anything else in the workshop.
  • Full access to all operations also while welding thanks to multiple doors and table divider.
  • For fume extraction, ready to be integrated into your low-vacuum system or extraction through a built-in high-vacuum system (optional).

Main Benefits

  • Maximum ease of use and flexibility when programming, thanks to the touchscreen pad and the movable 4-button wireless keypad, governing both robotics and welding process.

  • Excellent welding performances

    More than just a robot – it brings together the Böhler Welding expertise and the perfect integration of the collaborative robotics with the welding process

    • Special processes enabled
    • Böhler Arc enabled
  • All in one unit

    • Movable with a manual fork lift
    • Opening all sides and from the top
    • Working area can be split in 2, allowing manual operations and collaborative welding and the same time
    • No messy and unsafe wiring and hoses
  • GUARD enclosure completely separating the welding from anything else in the workshop.

    GUARD fumes concept:

    • High-vacuum integrated (optional)
    • Low-vacuum ready

The CO-BRO® GUARD is the ideal solution in any workshop where high performance is required even with low-volume production, thanks to simple programming, the collaborative approach which ensures an easier interaction between robot and human, the very simple masking and parts positioning. Operators with just standard ability level can operate CO-BRO® GUARD and few hours of training are sufficient to completely master the system. Plug  the utilities, place and move this turn-key collaborative robotic cell anywhere in the workshop,  maximizing the efficiency of the production flow. The exclusive GUARD enclosure ensures the maximum HSE protection currently available.

Technical Data

Working area LxWxH [mm]

2.000x1.000x1.400 or

2x1.000x1000x1.400 (with table divider)

Max. weight of the parts [kg]


Welding Equipment


Collaborative Robot

Universal Robot UR10e

Fume extraction systems

High-vacuum (extracting torch) system integrated (optional)

Low-vacuum ready

Supply Voltage

220V AC – 50 Hz  - 1000W – collaborative robot

220V AC 50Hz – 200W – controls

3x400/230V±15%  50Hz 23.6/24.5 kVA welding EQ

Other utilities


Compressed air ready

Additional screen for weldNet® Management system

Dimension LxWxH [mm] closed


Dimension LxWxH [mm] open


Weight [kg]