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CO-BRO® FLEX is a high-tech workstation for robotic collaborative MIG-MAG welding with a comprehensive and intiutive software interface that integrates the lates generation of the URANOS NX 5000 PME welding generator from Böhler Welding, the collaborative robotic arm and all accessories. The collaborative robot concept, flexibility, all-round accessibility, and extremely simple programming make the difference here.

Experience the following benefits:

  • Advanced Software: Maximum ease of use and flexibility in programming, thanks to the wireless 4-button key-pad that  minimizes the use of the touchscreen.
  • The Perfect Weld Seam: Combines Böhler Welding's expertise and the seamless integration of collaborative robotics with Böhler Arc and special welding processes. 490 synergic welding programs are included for the welding of any material under any conditions.
  • Easy Plug & Play: Simply connect the CO-BRO® FLEX and the welding equipment to power grid and utilities.
  • High capacity: Suitable for larger dimensions and weights (up to 1000 kg) and thick structures.
  • Table divider inside: Possibility of carrying out welding and workpiece positioning operations simultaneously.
  • 360° accessible barrier: Easy positioning of bulky parts and complex shapes.

    Technical data:

    Working area (LxWxH) [mm]

    2.000x1.000x1.200 or
    2x1.000x1.000x1.200 (with divider)

    Maximum permitted weight [kg]


    Welding Equipment

    URANOS NX 5000 PME - Water

    Collaborative Robot

    Universal Robot UR10e
    6-axis collaborative robot, accuracy +/-0.1 mm, with usable load in acc. with ISO 9283 (1.300 mm arm)

    Fume extraction systems

    Integrated high vacuum (torch extraction) system (optional), ready for low vacuum (external solution)

    Electrical utilities

    230V AC - 50Hz - 1.000W - collaborative robot
    230V AC - 50Hz - 200W - controls
    3x400/230V±15% Hz 23.6/24.5 kVA Welding System

    Other options

    Provosion for compressed air
    Additional screen for weldNet management system

    Dimensions [mm]

    As per diagram

    Weight [kg]