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Ceramic Weld Backing

Our ceramic backings are ideal for mechanized, one-sided welding with high currents and for manual welding of root runs with increased welding parameters.

Ceramic weld backings are made of sealed, high temperature resistant ceramic, from different mineral mixes (e.g. Al2O3, SiO2, Fe2O3, TiO2). When they melt, they produce a glassy slag that forms the underside of the weld seam and seals it against air entering. They are chemically neutral in the weld pool.

Ceramic backings are available as ceramic blocks (~2 cm long) on a flexible aluminum foil with an adhesive edge that can be stuck to the underside of the weld seam. They are also available as single ceramic segments (~10 to 15 cm long) for placement in metallic rails that are then attached to the work piece with magnets or other fixtures.

The ceramic backings offer special economic advantages for submerged arc welding and MAG welding with solid wires or metal- cored wires in the downhand position as well for positional MAG welding using rutile cored wires with fast freezing slag.