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High quality standards are a challange we like to meet - with our diamondspark wires

7 February 2022 | 

Companies all over the world have very high quality standards, when building their road tanks with high tensile base materials (ASTM A 517 Grade E), for example:

  • Avoid undercuts of the weld seam even at high welding speed
  • The surface has to be clean and well defined
  • UT/X-ray quality welds are required
  • Weld metal and HAZ have to be consistent in quality

To maintain this level of quality as well as minimize the failure rate and cost factors Böhler Welding recommends the application of the seamless cored wire diamondspark S700 HP in combination with flux UV 422 TT-LH for SAW.

This combination maximizes the travel speed and deposition rates and therefore minimizes the labor and electricity costs in projects

Or to be specific:  when a weld of road tank took 35 minutes before, the Arc time will decrease to 22 minutes (and one layer less) with this solution. Another challenge our diamondspark wires can handle perfectly.

Product Summary


  • EN ISO 26304-A: S 69 6 FB TZ H4
  • AWS A5.23 / SFA-5.23: F11A10-ECF5-F5 H4/ F11P6-ECF5-F5 H4
Characteristics and typical fields of appliciation
  • Wire flux combination for joint welding of high-strength, quenched and tempered fine grained structural steels up to MSYS = 690 MPa
Product benefits
  • very good toughness at low temperatures and good strength properties, which allows to weld with relatively high heat-input at high welding speed resulting in high productivity
  • Good bead appearance, nice fusion and good slag detachability
  • The wire is not sensitive to moisture pick up, has a good resistance to deformation
  • Low contact tip consumption