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What consider when using different welding machines?

23 July 2022 | 

Welding training and testing in Sweden - When it comes to welding with different products and tools we want to make sure that our partners have the best knowledge and skills. That’s why we offer several trainings on-site, e-learnings and webinars. Because the best tools with the best knowledge create the best welders.

Welding training and testing in Sweden

voestalpine Böhler Welding Nordic AB lately held a service training on welding machines in Malmö, Sweden. It was a pleasure for us to host 16 participants from 6 different distribution partners and 5 different countries.

Andrea Pierobon from voestalpine Böhler Welding Selco tutored the training. It was really appreciated and well executed.

We can now proudly present 16 certified service technicians in the Nordics! And of course we are already planning another training later this year. 

The distributors who attended were:

Svetsteknik i Kristianstad AB
Svenska Elektrod AB
Järnab - Svetspartner Malmö
Eiva - Safex AS
Fredins Verktyg AB
Stokker AS

Interested? Contact us for more details.