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Welding Consumables for the hydrogen Market - existing Expertise for future Projects

15 March 2022 | 

We want to help reduce the global CO2 footprint, by offering welding solutions for the hydrogen industry. Because Böhler Welding cares.

What is hydrogen?

Hydrogen is not an energy source but an energy carrier that can be used to store and transport energy.

Hydrogen is therefore secondary energy since primary energy must first be used for its production in all production methods. Combined with renewable energy sources (like solar or wind energy) Hydrogen is the solution to have a constant source of green energy with zero emissions.

Böhler Welding maintains its pioneering role also in this area. We have analyzed our filler material product range to meet the technical requirements that will come from the market.

Nicola Faraone, Segment Manager Petrochemical and Power Industries

Especially in the field of Stainless steel and Carbon steel for Storage & Transportation, our customers can benefit from already existing, proven welding consumables, having a good reputation as well as new products and Full Welding Solutions which are already planned or in the testing phase.

Böhler Welding is recognized in the market to offer the best technical support to its customers through the different industry segments. The influence of hydrogen in the weld metal is something that we know and thanks to our vast metallurgical knowledge, we will face the challenges together with our customers.

Nicola Faraone, Segment Manager Petrochemical and Power Industries