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Evolution Vision Welding Helmet for your Ultimate Personal Protection - Check out the new YouTube Tutorials

18 March 2024 | 

Improve your welding experience with our Evolution Vision65FM auto-darkening helmet. Evolution Vision65FM is one of the first products in our new welding helmet family with a best-in-class clarity, an ultra-high definition (UHD) display and well-proven True Colour Technology in combination with an Auto Shade function.

Our Evolution Vision tutorials support you in getting the best out of your helmet in the quickest way. Whether it is adjusting the headgear to achieve the ultimate comfort, setting the ADF for the best welding results or replacing a worn lens with a new one, you will find everything explained in a single click.

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A brief summary of the most important features:

  • UHD Display ADF and a wide view grinding visor
  • Multi-adjust headgear for the highest comfort and excellent balance
  • ADF with a best-in-class clarity (1/1/1/1) and True Colour Technology
  • Auto shade mode, allowing the ADF to adjust to the ideal shade level automatically (only available with the Evolution Vision65FM ADF)

Exciting insights into the development

Thomas Bauer, Product Manager for PPE & Accessories and an Industrial Designer, tells us about his findings during the development of this new auto-darkening helmet by voestalpine Böhler Welding. 

What where the most important findings and key features of the helmet from the product idea to birth of the helmet itself?

As a Product Manager for PPE & Accessories and an Industrial Designer, it is my job to actively drive the development process of new products while at the same time giving them a distinctive look. The expectation for the Evolution Vision was to give the product a unique Böhler Welding look which incorporates the existing design elements of the Guardian welding helmet and wraps them in a modern, sporty look.

The design process, however, is just a small part in the overall development process. The aim was to develop a functional welding/grinding combination that offers the welder optimum protection before, during and after welding. Low weight, a large visor and a good fit on the head were just as important as the technical specifications of the ADF itself. All of this required regular, if not too frequent,  alignments with the parties and engineers involved, as well as several iterations of prototypes until a functioning welding helmet was able to be created.  There  are no shortcuts.In addition to the True Colour Technology and the highest display clarity (UHD and 1/1/1/1), I would say the automatic mode is the most important feature along with being the newest in our welding helmet portfolio.  This feature allows the ADF to detect the arc amperage and automatically adjusts the required shade level.

Thomas Bauer, Product Manager PPE & Accessories

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