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Let's focus on the Basics: Basic-Coated Stick Electrodes

17 February 2022 | 

The main advantages of basic electrodes are the outstanding toughness properties of the weld metal and its resistance to hot and cold cracks.

Basic-coated electrodes offer a broad field of application, high quality welds and easy welding characteristics. Our basic-coated electrodes can be welded in all positions except vertical down and provide fine rippled seams. Slag removal is easy enough to keep the post-weld-cleaning time low.

The most important main characteristic of all types is the special coating, which ensures an extra low hydrogen content below    4 ml/100g weld metal in combination with a moisture resistance.

  • Basic coated electrode engineered for high-quality welds:
    • For steels up to 420 MPa yield strength
    • Excellent strength and toughness properties down to -50°C
    • Good weldability in all positions except for vertical-down
    • Suitable also for welding steels with low purity and high carbon content
    • Welding in steel construction, boiler and tank manufacture, vehicle construction, shipbuilding, and machine construction. Especially suitable for off-shore construction


  • Basic electrode for high-quality joint welds with higher strength and toughness properties:
    • For steels up to 460 MPa yield strength
    • Low-temperature ductility down to –50º C
    • Excellent weldability in all positions except vertical-down
    • Suitable for welding in steel construction, boiler, tank, container and vehicle construction, shipbuilding and mechanical engineering


  • Basic coated, Ni- alloyed electrode with excellent mechanical properties, particularly high toughness and crack resistance:
    • For steels up to 460 MPa yield strength
    • For higher strength fine-grained constructional steels
    • Suitable for service temperatures at –60ºC to +350ºC
    • Very good impact strength in aged condition
    • Easy weldability in all positions except vertical-down


  • Basic coated electrode with high ductility and crack resistance, for high- strength fine grained steels:
    • For steels up to 550 MPa yield strength
    • Ductile down to -60ºC
    • Resistant to ageing
    • Easy to handle in all positions, except vertical-down
    • BÖHLER FOX EV 65 can be used in sour gas applications


Dry System

What makes these products even more special is the availability in our so called „Dry System“ packaging. Together with the low hydrogen, moisture resistant coating of these electrodes, it offers effective, time saving work without the need of costly re-backing process and equipment.

Böhler Welding DRY SYSTEM is the efficient alternative, providing “oven dry” stick electrodes straight from the vacuum packaging.


  • Guaranteed low-hydrogen weld metal.
  • The avoidance of costly climate controlled storage & handling and re-drying.
  • The possibility to check whether electrodes are within 9 hours of safe exposure.
  • Various packaging sizes to match the consumption for numerous applications in the field.
  • Sustainable and easy waste disposal with normal paper and metal waste.

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