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Innovative & Sustainable: UTP ROBOTIC CHROMELESS 600

27 June 2022 | 

Discover our new seamless metal-cored wire: Premium seamless gas shielded metal-cored wire for multi-purpose application in maintenance and repair without the addition of Chrome and Nickel.

Our expert Filippo Campaci, Global Product Manager Flux-cored wires, working within the industry for more than 20 years, talks us through the benefits of the new product innovation and two important sustainable industry segments: agriculture and waste-to-energy.

Developing a new product

The first cored wire for maintenance without Chrome by UTP Maintenance.

Filippo Campaci: With this product, we want to give our support for a more sustainable future. In fact, it has the same advantages as other robotic seamless cored wires but it is offering to our customers and in particular for those 2 segments, agriculture and waste-to-energy, the best welder protection and the highest abrasion resistance for a typical 600 Brinell product. 

Thanks to his special receipts it is able to achieve almost four times lower wear loss of material deposit once compared to a standard cored wire. Furthermore the absence of Chrome in his receipt delivery a fume emission with NO Chrome VI that potentially could have a high risk on welders’ health.

Welding protection is not new in the business but what I can see from the past years, is there’s a growing common sense for Health & Safety, driven not only by more stringent legislation but also by a wider public opinion, more conscious about the impact of dangerous element for the welders.

The welding protection is done at different levels: at the source, around the welder, and near by the welding area. 


Innovative products for developing industries

Filippo Campaci: Waste energy and agriculture are segments with a high sense of sustainable processes and importance in the Maintenance & Repair applications.

In particular, the industry of recycling goods is increasing in the last years due to the need to reduce the production of waste and get new sources of renewable energies. Waste is seen more and more as a source of energy and new raw materials. The green thinking intended to lower the impact on the environment and lower emission of CO2 is a new drive-in for future industry and energy developments. Same thinking we can find in agriculture where use of low impact fertilizers and new cultural methods are nowadays implemented that are more conscious about the environmental situation.

We are constantly developing innovative products to match and exceed the given requirements.

In the segment of recycling, the main application involves the shredders, machines used for cutting or tearing things into small pieces. Their main purpose is the reduction of waste volume and homogenization of particle size. The main challenges due to the wear conditions are abrasion and impact.

In the agriculture segment, the main application involves the plough, rollers and conveyors screw on the harvester machines.  The main challenges due to the wear conditions are abrasion and impact.

What brings the future?

I think welding in such segments will develop toward more automatized welding processes with the support of robotic cells where the need for dedicated welding consumables will increase. Those products should guarantee not only a proper abrasion-resistant behavior but also a perfect feeding symbiosis with the automatic welding process where the UTP ROBOTIC CHROMELESS 600 can give its best performance.

Filippo Campaci, Global Product Manager