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diamondspark seamless cored Wires in Bridge Construction

2022-01-10 | 

Bridges all around the world have been welded with diamondspark seamless cored wires.

For example the Montgomery Brigde in London, the section 02 and 08 of the renewed Heads of the Valleys Road in Wales, the Pont de la Palombe in Bordeaux or the ETIHAD Railway bridge in the UAE.

Next to standard products, like the diamondspark S 56 HP / UV 400 combination for SAW in bridge construction, we want to show you this month the special range of products for weather resistant steels applications.


“diamondspark NiCu1 RC, the seamless rutile FCW for all positional welding, is a unique product for weathering steels able t combine great welding performance, high travel speed and exceptional mechanical properties in one application.”

Filippo Campaci, International Welding Engineer / Global Product Manager FCW, voestalpine Böhler Welding

Excellent welding performance and surface appearance

  • Higher productivity,
  • Easy handling,
  • Less repairs and post weld cleaning,
  • and high toughness

are just some of the advantages of these wires.

Precise alloy and slag concept ensure excellent corrosion resistance and mechanical properties. Produced in Europe, they are fulfilling both EN ISO and AWS codes chasing the most stringent requirements.

The SAW combination of diamondspark S NiCu1 / UV 400 for weathering steels can improve the productivity versus similar solid wire products, combining great operational aspects as self-slag removal, good wetting behavior with high mechanical properties.

Erwin Gering, Global Industry Key Accounts, voestalpine Böhler Welding


diamondspark. A cored wire of highest quality and performance.

Designed by the leading pioneers in filler materials, diamondspark wires are tailored to match the highest requirements for demanding applications. diamondspark - The best seamless cored wires for the best welders.


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