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voestalpine: Best quality and service supplier in 2017

Quality takes top priority in every way at Toyota. That is why Toyota Motor Europe prepares an annual supplier quality report on every one of their suppliers. In the category of flat-rolled steel, voestalpine Stahl GmbH was the top supplier of quality and service in 2017. For the key account team, this is both a source of great satisfaction as well as an incentive to become even better.

Zero claims. A variety of different criteria are required for the annual supplier quality report, and voestalpine is proud to have met every one! There is not a single claim in the quality statistics of 2017.

This is even more a feat when you consider the fact that the Austrian steel specialist supplies its materials to all Toyota Motor Europe factories in Turkey, England, France and Russia. This excellent performance is further underlined by the fact that the steel specialists from Linz supply a broad spectrum of steels. In fact, voestalpine Stahl GmbH is certified for almost every steel grade that Toyota Motor Europe uses in its cars, for both internal components and sophisticated exposed panels.

Toyota RAV4 from the Russian production site. Here as well: Zero claims.
Toyota RAV4 from the Russian production site. Here as well: Zero claims.
Steel quality from Linz for sophisticated exposed panels.
Steel quality from Linz for sophisticated exposed panels.

Under the category of “service level,” suppliers are evaluated on criteria including: how they meet customer demands, how well they communicate with customers and how quickly they respond to customer requests. Mechanical parameters and additional product factors are also taken into account. In these categories, voestalpine also received the highest marks.

Continual optimization. voestalpine’s position at the very top is a consequence of consistent efforts across all departments, from steel production to customer service. As soon as you stop moving, all the others will pass you by. That is why we are not complacent. A very high level of dedication, a continuous search for optimization and continual improvement measures are part of our DNA. 

voestalpine always strives to be one step ahead and contributes sustainably to the success of its customers.

Markus Anzenberger, Head of Technical Customer Service, voestalpine Stahl GmbH, explained:

The day-to-day work of our employees is reflected in the quality of our products. We all make our own individual contribution - each and every day.
Markus Anzenberger, Head of Technical Customer Service

When presenting voestalpine with their award, Rob Tindle, Manager for Material Quality, Toyota Motor Europe added:

We appreciate the performance of voestalpine, to meet the challenging targets set for 2017. We look forward to their continued Kaizen to ensure the sustainability of this condition.
Rob Tindle, Manager for Material Quality