Here you will learn everything there is to know about our commitment in the voestalpine Steel Division to sustainability, climate protection and corporate social responsibility (CR). Up close and in touch with the latest trends, our news feeds will keep you up to date on future technologies.

voestalpine is the only European steelmaking enterprise to have been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Europe Index since the end of 2021.

The year 2027 will be electrifying! The construction of a new electric arc furnace (EAF) at voestalpine's Linz site marks a decisive and important step towards achieving our climate goals (...)

The Swiss-based company USM (U. Schärer Söhne AG) is known for its timeless and high-quality modular furniture. Recently, USM signed a Memorandum of Understanding with voestalpine in the field of greentec steel (...)

Since its founding in 1934 under the leadership of Friedrich Wilhelm Schwing, the Schwing Group has been a renowned German company headquartered in Herne, North Rhine-Westphalia, and has earned an outstanding reputation in the construction and concrete industry (...)

The sustainability trend is now an integral part of well-known stock indices. We are all the more pleased that voestalpine has once again found a place in the renowned Dow Jones Sustainability Index Europe (DJSI Europe) (...)

GEDIA was founded in 1955 and is headquartered in Attendorn, Germany. The company is a reliable supplier to the automotive industry and has recently, like so many other companies in the industry, come to rely on voestalpine steel in the greentec steel Edition (..)

The new Raiffeisen Arena in Linz has heralded in a new era for the LASK soccer club. The sustainable and environmentally friendly construction and materials are second to none (...)

Beginning next year, the long-established Swiss company Wilhelm Schmidlin AG will be using voestalpine premium steel in the greentec steel Edition for its production of bath and shower trays, washbasins and much more (...)

It is self-evident that the steel industry is closely interwoven with the automotive industry, and the best common denominator emerges when both industries rely on green steel (...)

Climate change has become an increasingly pressing challenge, and we at voestalpine are all the more determined to sustainably reduce our carbon footprint even more in the production of our greentec steel (...)

If you want to be a successful sustainability pioneer, it is important that you focus on complete transparency throughout the entire lifecycle of your products. voestalpine leads the way with EPDs that have been verified (...)

iFIX is as simple as it sounds. The smart substructure for photovoltaic modules is a click-on solution for quick and tool-free installation. And now the iFIX system made by voestalpine Automotive Components Schwäbisch Gmünd is made of greentec steel Edition material. (...)

The transport of goods on lightweight railcars made of the greentec steel Edition is what EUROWAGON is now banking on. We have a new green reason to celebrate. TransANT GmbH has approved a great new joint venture with EUROWAGON, a Polish railcar leasing company (...)

When the long-established Austrian company introduced the revolutionary FIGO roof and facade brand five years ago, Filli Stahl set another milestone in its 145-year success story. (...)

The Tadano Group is a global specialist in lifting equipment and is dedicated to providing its customers with first-class, innovative cranes for a wide range of applications. Now the long-established quality brand will also be purchasing products of the greentec steel Edition (...)

LogServ offers individualized transport and logistics solutions to industrial key accounts. Decommissioned bulk railcars are being converted for the transport of cut sheets and slabs on the voestalpine works premises. The environment is happy, and so is voestalpine (...)

More and more renowned companies like Flamco, the internationally acclaimed specialist in building technologies, are relying on the green steel of voestalpine. Currently around 10 percent of direct CO2 emissions from steelmaking at the Linz site can be saved in this manner, and the percentage is increasing (...)

It’s not easy to enjoy such an award unless you truly have a clear conscience about your environmental compatibility. FTSE4Good, the renowned sustainability index, recently included us. This is a highly important assessment and a significant basis for the decision making of sustainability-oriented investors. (...)

At voestalpine Stahl GmbH in Linz, we do a lot for a sustainable future, which is why we are particularly pleased to again announce our top EcoVadis ranking. This is the highest possible rating in 2022 and means that we performed better than 99 percent of the companies who participate (...)

The next piece of good news for the green commitment of voestalpine: Lemvigh-Müller, a Danish steel wholesaler who each year procures roughly 10,000 tons of hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel strip, colofer® and high-strength steel grades from the voestalpine Steel Division, is now banking on greentec steel. Many more companies will certainly follow suit. (...)

The partnership between voestalpine and BRUCHA, a Lower Austrian manufacturer of panels, cold storage cells, doors and insulation boards, is ample proof that longstanding cooperation can provide fresh impetus. The world-renowned pioneer of insulation technology has opted for greentec steel made by voestalpine and has thus become a customer of the (...)

voestalpine and OSO Hotwater, a Norwegian manufacturer of heat pump boilers, storage tanks and smart boilers, have one thing in common: the sustainable pursuit of decarbonization. With an agreement on the future use of premium colofer® steel strip as a greentec steel edition product, the longstanding partners have come one step closer to this goal.(...)

Our decisions today determine what tomorrow’s world will be: We made an important decision to install new photovoltaic systems on our company buildings at the Linz site. This is because the internal production of sustainable electricity forms the foundation that is essential to achieving one of our highest objectives: Green steel for a better future. (...)

We are on the right track: ResponsibleSteel, a world-renowned non-profit organization, has officially recognized the Linz-based voestalpine Steel Division as a sustainable manufacturing site. This gives us a big reason to celebrate as well as an additional incentive to achieve further goals. (...)

At voestalpine, we make sure that everything stays on track to protect the planet: A climate-friendly rail shuttle between Bavaria and Linz transports more than half a million tons of steel and scrap annually. The environmentally friendly logistics systems are based on a cooperation between voestalpine CargoServ and DB Cargo. (...)

Supported by voestalpine and other renowned project partners, the "Underground Sun Storage 2030" project has set itself a groundbreaking goal: seasonal and large-scale storage of renewable energy in the form of hydrogen in underground gas reservoirs. What sounds like a dream for the future will be put into practice soon. (...)

We are bursting with energy, preferably in the form of gas. We use the top gas we produce during steelmaking as an important source of energy. Our added value is high and flare loss low. This is the definition of efficiency. (...)

voestalpine has big plans when it comes to sustainability, but what are the underlying projects and initiatives? Stella sheds some light on them in this explanatory animation that gives you a glimpse into our promising future. (...)

Did you know that approximately one third of the food we eat depends on the existence of bees? We wanted to help these busy little insects and came up with a very special idea: Land that could otherwise be used for commercial and industrial purposes have been converted into new habitats for bees and other insects. (...)