Materials for aerospace applications must withstand a wide variety of extreme conditions. As a leading global supplier for the aerospace industry, voestalpine Specialty Metals North America crafts high-performance metal products with the strictest precision and quality standards. We manufacture high-temperature alloys for aerospace in several compositions and formats.

    High-Performance Metals for Aerospace

    At voestalpine Specialty Metals North America, we provide industry-respected expertise in safety-critical die-forged components and high-performance metal alloys. Our extensive selection of specialty metals includes titanium alloys, nickel-based super alloys, and special steels in several formats:

    Billets and bars: Used in the manufacture of engine, landing gear, and turbine components
    Closed-die forgings: Tailored to client needs from alloys that meet or exceed performance requirements
    High-quality steel profiles: Custom-designed shapes used in engine and structural parts
    Plates and sheets: Ideal for structural components such as brackets, components, and face plates

    Key benefits include optimal strength-to-weight ratios, ultimate stability, and high corrosion resistance for defense and aerospace applications. In addition to these forms of high-performance metals, we also specialize in additive manufacturing for aerospace. With our printing, thermal processing, machining, coating, and quality inspection process, we continue to meet and exceed the needs of our aerospace customers.

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    Choose voestalpine Specialty Metals North America for innovative, customer-focused high-performance metal products. With our AS 9100 and ISO 9001:2015 combined certifications, eight production facilities worldwide, and an expansive global sales and service network, we are ready to provide advanced aerospace grade metals and alloys for your applications. Contact us to request a quote or learn more about our high temperature alloys for aerospace.


    Fuselage, Cell, Wing

    In Aerospace, the mix between flexibility and strength at high pressure is crucial for a long-lasting performance. At voestalpine Specialty Metals Europe, we meet all the necessary requirements and supply customized materials to the largest Aerospace manufactures.

    Landing Gear

    voestalpine products are used in three essential areas of the aircraft: the fuselage, the engine, and the landing gear. The high-alloy steels used in the landing gear have to absorb enormous impacts when the aircraft lands. The parts are highly stressed, usually safety-critical components that have to withstand high temperatures, mechanical loads, or rotation.


    Engines are exposed to extreme loads due to very high mileage, strong temperature differences and constantly changing conditions. The quality standards in the material therefore require constant certification and individual customer approvals. We meet these standards and develop innovative new solutions together with our customers.

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