BOHLER L718 API-150ksi

    BOHLER L718 API-150ksi

    High temperature, precipitation hardening, nickel-base alloy with particularly high hot strength and hot yield strength up to 750°C, and excellent creep behaviour up to 700°C. The markedly higher hot strength compared with normal hot work steels is particularly noticeable when used for hot work tools with high mechanical and thermal stresses. Only air cooling of the tools is permissible. Typical applications for 718 API (high-strength) include oil & gas, components for chemical plants, heat exchangers and more.

    This 718 Alloy is a high strength 150ksi YS next generation with:

    • No change in chemistry or mechanical, thermo-physical properties
    • A variation of the aging process which increases yield strength
    • Proven corrosion resistance in H2S environments
    • Successful NACE MR0175 / ISO 15156 balloting
    •  API approval
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