Power Generation

    Metals for power generation must meet strict standards for quality and strength. At voestalpine Specialty Metals North America, we offer high-temperature alloys for turbines and power plants designed to meet and exceed industry standards.

    High-Temperature Alloys for Turbines and Power Plants

    As an industry-leading metals supplier to the PowerGen industry, voestalpine Specialty Metals North America produces premium high-temperature alloys used in turbines and power plants. Our in-house mills and distribution centers ensure finished products meet your specifications. Our products include:

    718 Nickel Alloys Providing superior strength at high temperatures and favorable temperature derating factors, 718 nickel alloys are excellent for pump bodies and parts, gas turbine components, and multiple power generation applications where high heat is a consideration. Options include Alloy 718 (AMS 5662 and 5663) and Alloy 718 API.
    Alloy MP35N: This nonmagnetic Nickel-Cobalt base features corrosion resistance, ductility, toughness, and ultra-high tensile strength. It is well-suited for drilling tools and petrochemical processing equipment.
    Super Duplex: Offering high corrosion and pitting resistance, good weldability, and resistance to acids and chlorides, Super Duplex is ideal for oil and gas equipment, heat exchangers, and water injection systems.

    Specialty Alloys for Renewable Energy Applications

    As industry leaders in metallurgical research, we offer advanced alloys for renewable energy structural components, parts, and systems, including:

    • Steam turbines
    • Pressure vessels
    • Gearbox components
    • Complex assemblies and hybrid mechanisms
    • Generators

    We have extensive experience engineering metals and customized parts for wind, solar, hydroelectric, and geothermal power. Specialized steel grades, nickel-based alloys, high-strength stainless steels, and copper alloys excel in rigorous outdoor environments.

    North America Stocking Facilities

    Our stocking facilities are conveniently located to support the North American power generation industry. Our expertise in managing specialty metals supply chains allows us to meet the service demands of suppliers to the PowerGen industry.

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    We pressure up quickly!

    Conditions of extremely high rotation speeds that reach beyond the sound barrier, high pressure, and extreme grades of corrosion require special material solutions made from titanium alloys. With a diameter of 1.5 meters, a height of 500 mm and a weight of almost 4,000 kg, we have produced the world´s largest compressor disc made from titanium alloy.


    Together with a major customer we have developed an innovative heat shield for gas turbines. Extreme temperature changes can occur when gas turbines are in operation. Through the modification of existing nickel-based alloys and the application of special production and processing parameters, we have succeeded in producing seamless rolled rings with exceptional technical properties. Each ring weighs approximately 3.2 tons.


    There is no one semiconductor industry. Different tasks require different chips - and for these, in turn, there are different production processes that are not interchangeable at will. One important feature is the so-called structure widths - to put it simply: how finely the lines of the circuits are drawn. As a global supplier of materials for semiconductors, we deliver a large portfolio of solutions.

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