Oil & Gas

    Oil and gas industry applications demand consistently high-quality materials that perform as expected. To meet that need, voestalpine Specialty Metals engineers engage in continued research and development efforts to bring superior products to market.

    Product Portfolio

    We stock more than 500 grades of metals and metal components. Our Oil and gas platform at voestalpine Specialty Metals provides reliable access to specialty & corrosion resistant metals for oil & gas applications, designed to meet industry requirements. Our mills and products meet stringent industry certification standards, including ASTM, AS 9100 D, ISO, and DNV. Our product portfolio includes a diverse range of materials, including:

    • Low alloyed steels
    • Stainless steels
    Duplex and Super-Duplex Steels
    • Nickel-Base Alloys

    We manufacture and distribute metals in industry-specific shapes, sizes, and compositions, including:

    • Bars
    • Billets
    • Plates
    • Additive manufacturing powder
    • Additive manufactured parts
    • Closed and die forgings
    • Sheets
    • Wire

    Additive Manufacturing for Oil & Gas

    voestalpine Additive Manufacturing Centers (vAMC) develop and manufacture high-quality Additive Manufactured components for the oil and gas industry. The benefits of choosing vAMC include reduced development time and a simplified manufacturing process. Our engineers help take ideas from Concept to Component with outstanding efficiency.

    Highly Corrosion-Resistant Steels for Oil & Gas Applications

    Virtually all applications in the oil and gas industry rely on high-performance metals, including:

    • Offshore oil rigs
    • Oil and natural gas pipelines
    • Oil and gas storage and distribution facilities
    • Refineries
    • Petrochemical processing plants

    Our vast range of metal alloys allows industrial businesses to choose the ideal specifications for each application, from super-duplex materials to nickel-based alloys for energy. We offer solutions for stress-corrosion cracking, seawater and brackish water, hydrochloric and sulfuric acids, and other industry-specific challenges.

    Our North American Oil & Gas Sales Network

    We operate four specialty steel mills and four dedicated oil and gas distribution centers that combine with our vast North American sales network to deliver high-quality materials to our industry partners. Our global oil and gas platform allows the coordination of these industry-specific resources across borders and continents.

    Premier Source Metals for the Oil & Gas Industry

    Our team at voestalpine Specialty Metals North America will help you identify the most suitable metals and processes for the oil and gas industry. Please register on our Customer Portal or request a quote with us today.


    Perfectly compressed

    voestalpine forges the world´s largest titanium compressor disc

    Conditions of extremely high rotation speeds that reach beyond the sound barrier, high pressure, and extreme grades of corrosion require special material solutions made from titanium alloys. With a diameter of 1.5 meters, a height of 500 mm and a weight of almost 4,000 kg, voestalpine Specialty Metals Europe produces the world´s largest compressor disc made from titanium alloy.

    The mix that matters

    voestalpine is a supplier of titanium agitator shafts

    Agitators for PTA (purified terepht ushalic acid) plants that are used to produce raw chemicals for the plastics industry are subject to extreme corrosive loads. These high demands require thee of titanium. With our Engineered Products by vSME forges agitators with a length of up to 15 meters and a unit weight of 14 tons.

    Precise controlling

    voestalpine is a premium supplier of nickelbase alloys

    Measurement and control engineers work, so to speak, at the "electronic wheel" of large technical plants. They control and regulate electrical, chemical and physical production procedures (processes) with the help of electronic measuring instruments and control units. We supply the right material for a wide range of applications.

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