We will distinguish ourselves as the trusted and preferred specialty metals partner, serving the stringent needs of the oil & gas industry.

    Health and safety

    Occupational health and safety is an integral part of our operations and is the responsibility of all employees.

    Health and safety is a very important topic at voestalpine Specialty Metals. In our daily work routine the health and safety takes a priority position to ensure the well-being of all our employees. We encourage careful process planning that will already foresee and eliminate risks during our operations. And we require all our employees to practice mindfulness while fulfilling their tasks.


    We recognize that the environment plays a key part in the future strategy of our business.

    We therefore are committed in ensuring the integration of environment factors into our decision making, thus maximising our business resilience. We will continue to increase our environmental performance in line with our business operations.


    We, at voestalpine Specialty Metals are committed to take care of our customers!

    We will achieve this by continuously improving our products and processes for best quality and on-time delivery while meeting the statutory and regulatory requirements of the industry.

    Certificates voestalpine Specialty Metals North America

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